Friday, July 8, 2016

Another birthday boy................

Uriah turned 8 on Wednesday and he got his card and magazine subscription on the exact day.  I'm getting good at this grandma stuff.  He called and thanked me and and we had a good conversation.  He told me about going to Adventure Land for his birthday over the weekend...just he and his Dad (my son, Benjamin) and he told me he went on the roller coasters and " I didn't puke, Grandma"!  I bet his fellow riders were very grateful for that! LOL!
Meanwhile, I am working hard clearing and cleaning out the porch so when Ben arrives he can get right to work repairing the leak and my ruined porch.  This is part of the reason I haven't put my house up for sale.  Evidently God doesn't want me to leave just yet as every time I think about putting the house up for sale something happens.  It's okay as I will take that guidance over mine any day!
It's getting worse every time it rains but at least the ceiling hasn't caved in yet.
I'm glad I didn't get the room all done before it happened....I guess?  I had my potting bench and pots out there.......
Several bookcases..........which my family will move when they get here.  I just had to empty them AND find places for all of it.......
One more to go.............
At least my precious books didn't get damaged!  A few more items to remove.......
Including one of my favorite Mary Engelbreit mantra!
I hope you've  had a wonderful week and that your weekend will be even better!
Happy Trails!


  1. Oh Sam! I've never seen paint DO that!!! I hope you get the porch ceiling (and leak) repaired soon. How sweet that your grandson called to chat and thank you for the magazine subscription. That made me smile.

  2. Happy Birthday Uriah! I hope all your repairs go well! :)

  3. So glad he had fun and didn't throw up!!! Glad your books are safe! Love your mantra.

  4. I hope you get your leak sorted soon, but at least your bits and pieces are safe. Glad Uriah had a great birthday.

  5. I love your poster! I have the drawing as a greeting card - framed and I use it as an inspriation, too.

  6. Oh yikes, leaks are never good. Glad you are getting it sorted out. Take care!

  7. Your grandson is funny. Love what he told you. Glad he had a wonderful birthday.

  8. That is a bummer! Glad you have help to get it fixed!
    Laughed out load on the no puking comment! Happy Birthday to your grandson.


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