Sunday, May 29, 2016

YOP Week #48

I think it's week 48 but not sure..only 4 more weeks  until the new season!  Well, I'm moving along on some projects and at least have the categories for the new year.
My Canadiana socks are definitely coming along and I'm about ready to do the foot.  I'm certainly knitting faster than I used to and not so much starting over like there was in the beginning of my learning curve.  I'm actually on the green stripe now since this picture was taken.
Yesterday and today are the first sunny, dry days we've had in about a week so I have clothes hanging out on the line as tonight and maybe tomorrow there is more rain.....and I need to mow too!  I need a hired hand is what I need! LOL!
This is my 2nd Frida's Flower Basket square and it's not done yet.
The gift I was working on had to be delayed while I ordered some supplies and I am also stopped in my progress for my Maybelle Flower Blanket as I ran out of yarn so I have to order that.
I have no pillow form to fit the Happy Hooky pillow and there was none at Wal-Mart that would fit so I guess I will make one out of muslin or something or maybe buy a piece of foam to use as fiberfill tends to lump and bump when I use it for pillows.....we'll see.
There was a new antique store that opened in town so I had to check it out.........
I got a quilt top for $5.00..............
vintage for sure............

and some fabric for $3.00/yard.............
I'm almost done reading Ann Budd's Sock book and I started reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears book.  Great advice in both books and I will be making socks this year from Ann's book for sure.

I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and stay safe if you are traveling!


  1. That quilt top is fantastic. Lucky you. Your socks are coming along nicely too. I still havent decided how to do my list for next year. I was pretty generic this year and worked well, but think I needmore of a challenge.

  2. I love Ann's book; it is a great investment I would never part from. I love seeing your white, striped socks. I like how you were able to knit even stripes from that sock yarn. The white looks crisp in the background.

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  4. I don't understand how this YOP year has going by so fast! Lots of pretty things, Sam. I love those bright fabrics!

  5. That quilt top is amazing! I'm so happy for you! And of course you have supplies for lots of fun projects...I love the pretty fabric! Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  6. I love the fabric and the sock yarn is gorgeous. I haven't read that Ann Budd book, but I have got her new directions book that I intend to base next year around!

  7. I love the fabric and the sock yarn is gorgeous. I haven't read that Ann Budd book, but I have got her new directions book that I intend to base next year around!

  8. Look at you go on those socks! Just think, if it rains you have more knitting time. :-). That quilt top is beautiful and I like the prints in the fabrics you bought. I hope you've had a good weekend. We've been fairly lazy out here at the lake and even had our first boat ride of the season.

  9. As always, your projects are beautiful and so inspiring! Great buy on the fabric!
    Enjoy this beautiful time of year.


  10. Look for an old pillow at the Thrift shop...smell it first before buying! I have several upstairs not being used...too good to throw away:) If you lived closer I would toss them to you!
    That is a good looking quilt top, I love the vintage fabric too! What a good start on a quilt! :)


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