Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Excuses, excuses, excuses.......

For not blogging. Yes, I have them!  Do you want to hear them? No?  Alright, then I'll just show them to you...........
On Friday I went shopping at Walmart and then Saturday I mowed the lawn
Sunday I washed 2 loads of clothes and hung them outside as they predicted rain for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday......  
The girls (Nitty and Annie) guarded me while I worked..........
 I tried to get them to help me but they said guarding was a full time job...........what do I know?  I worked at weeding and mulching around my propane tank which I have wanted to do for a while now.  I probably should have used stones but the mulch bags were heavy enough! LOL!

I got one side done but ran out of mulch......
Do any of you have a good method for enclosing the mulched areas so I don't eat it up with the mower?  A rock border?  My neighbor who doesn't live here anymore had some T-shaped plastic borders that I thought were wonderful but I have never seen them anywhere.  Picture an upside down T with one side under the mulch and the other side allowed you to put your mower wheel on it so there was no trimming needed and yet it kept the mulch in too.  Brilliant!  But I have yet to see any anywhere.
2 bookends back-to-back with no books in between would be the same.  It would require a lot of bookends though! LOL!
 I also spray painted my bench. All that's left of a picnic table set that was about 40 years old.  I tightened all the bolts and sanded it and used 2 cans of spray paint but need more paint. 
  After all my running around to get things done before the rain yesterday......it never rained a drop until last night after I went to bed!  But we did lose power for about 3 hours yesterday and I have no idea why.  Crazy!
I hope your week is going well so far and I hope to get back on track with my WIP"s which I have now put on my right hand side bar.  I will update regularly.  I feel like I'm making progress on some worthwhile projects for a change.  Sometimes documenting what we do makes us realize we really do get things done! LOL!
Happy Trails!


  1. Hi there, boy you have been busy! That's a lot of yardwork, it sure looks good. I have an old picknic table I need to paint too. I don't know about you, but the rain is here in South Miss. now! And yes, my Ms.Wilma is a mini dachshund, short haired black and tan like your baby! I also have two red doxies, BamBam and their baby boy, Dino.

    1. Yes, this place is too big for me and I'm not getting any younger! The rain has stopped....for the moment! LOL! More coming this weekend.

  2. Gosh, you have been busy! That "T" things sounds great and I know Dennis would love it. We have so much trimming to do before he can mow because of all the edgings around the yard. If you find it somewhere, you'll have to let us all know where. :-). The girls look like they were very interested in all of your running around. Chloe always wants to be right where I am too. We're supposed to get more rain tomorrow and over the weekend, so I'm heading outside to help Dennis mow after dinner tonight. Not my favorite chore at all.

  3. You are one person who is never just lollygagging. There are days when I think I don't accomplish much, yet I know there's always something I'm doing, whether or not it seems important to others or worth of noting. :)

    I've emailed you a couple of times but still get a kickback sometimes. Not sure what's going on.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

    1. Sorry, I don't check my email because I never get any except junk emails. I checked, I got both of them and I wrote you back! We're pen pals now! LOL! Thank you!

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, trust me...I have to prop it up with aluminum clothesline poles specifically for that purpose! LOL!

  5. Ack I hate mulch, it never stays put and catches "stuff" just my opinion! Your lawn looks great and your guards are looking good too! :)

    1. It's the cheapest and best thing to use down here and still I have to spray or the weeds take over. It's a jungle down here! Poison oak, ivy, sumac and probably a few others I don't even know about.


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