Sunday, November 8, 2015

YOP Week #17

Well, not much progress that I can show you but there has been progress........
 I've finished block #7 of the 12 knitted blocks for the scrapghan then there are 15 crocheted blocks and 15 wool fabric blocks.  
Here's block #8 that I'm working on.............
This is such a fun and enjoyable project....each block is just big enough to enjoy for awhile but small enough that you don't get bored with it before you're on to another pattern and different colors.
The Corner-to-Corner blanket is awesome, easy and shows off the yarn I'm using to advantage.  It is getting bigger and bigger but I have "miles to go before I sleep" but I have almost used 1 skein so far but there are many, many more to use.  This should take me until Spring 2016 or!
There's really no way of guestimating how long it will take either as since it's done on the diagonal each row gets bigger and bigger and until you decide you're halfway and start decreasing who knows how long it will take?
There are 3 other Secret Christmas Projects I'm working on and next week I promise I will have some sort of list to at least let you know my present count and where I stand.  So far, there is 1 present completed.  And less than 50 days to Christmas.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  I'd better move it!
Here are some cute and quick ideas for gifts to yourself or others.
 A mood scarf kit............
 some crocheted citrus buttons..............
 Now this is what I need on my walks because cold air makes my nose run............don't's true...........
 Love this and so easy really...............
 every home needs a hand knitted clock!
 And this combines 2 of my favorites.....knitting and coloring!
 Check them all out (there are 19 in all) here 
with patterns and websites etc. All you need for your knitting/crocheting pleasure!  
Happy Trails!


  1. Love your blocks and the little projects are fab. Love the mittens and the buttons.

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I thought they were really unique and cute projects.

  2. I really like these blocks; they're bold in color and fun to the eye. That mood scarf kit is fun, like how there was a KAL for weather.

    1. Yes, one of these days I'd like to do the weather one. As for the mood scarf....I'm pretty much in a great mood every day so it wouldn't be as varied in color as the temperature one.

  3. I love the idea of a blanket made of a variety of different squares. I think I'd love making the squares, but then I'd get to the part where I have to join them and I'd wonder "why did I think this was a good idea?" Joining pieces leaves me less than inspired. I do look forward to seeing your finished blanket, though.

    And thanks for the pictures of knitted gift ideas. I love the tissue pouch in the mittens, too! I have the same problem. Maybe that's a common problem. Maybe that's why someone came up with the idea! lol

    1. HI Becky! Well, we'll see how I do putting it together when the time comes. LOL!


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