Sunday, February 15, 2015

YOP Week #33

I cannot understand why, when I'm retired, my life gets busier and busier and we're not talking social or volunteering either!  It's been a great week but busy.  This will be a long post to make up for my absence but I will blog about the fiber stuff first for those of you who only want to read about that.
I also learned something.....if I just stick to 1 crochet project and 1 knitting project things not only go faster but I make less (as in zero so far) mistakes...amazing!  I may be on to something here!
It may be boring for you but progress was made.............
 November preemie hats are done (on the left)
 and 3 of the 5 December hats are done........
 Last week I had finished 27 of the 55 blocks on the blanket and this week I am just starting on block 31 of the 55.....
That's it for my YOP update but for other things...........I got some new scissors and a scissor sharpener at Wal-Mart...........
The scissors are endorsed by The Arthritis Association which a good thing in my case.........I'll let you know how they both work out.....
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day or ardent admirer got me these......
and these........
Have you guessed who the ardent admirer is?  MOI!!!!   LOL! 
I also made some yummy and I think beautiful cookies that I have wanted to make for years but didn't have the right tool but now I do.........
Swedish Linzer cookies.....these are filled with red plum jam although I prefer red raspberry but I couldn't find any.  Aren't they pretty?  And they are a melt in your mouth treat too! LOVE!!!!
I found the cutout tool at Wal-Mart and it is made by Wilton...the cake decorating people.  Actually it didn't work well as designed so I removed the heart cutout and just used it by itself which was much easier.  The tool came with several different cutouts too.  This batch went to the Vet's office to thank them for letting me watch the "puppy" operation on Tuesday but I have another batch to make that is chilled in the fridge.
Yesterday when I went out to get the mail, my new neighbor came over and gave me the one and only Valentine I sweet of her!  And speaking of sweet, there were 2 dove raspberry chocolates tucked inside!  YUM!  She will be receiving some of the next batch of cookies for sure!
Yesterday it was 67 here so I was outside for sure......this morning was 17 degrees and snow and sleet are on the way!  Talk about the best of both worlds!  I love a good snowstorm!  So, yes.....this week was just about perfect!  I hope yours was too!
Happy Trails! 


  1. Let me know how those scissors work. I have electric ones for cutting material but they are not so great on fiber crafts. I am glad you treated yourself to some flowers and chocolates. If we don't treat ourselves right, no one else will either. So sweet of your neighbor too. The cookies look so yummy. Think I will go and make some cookies today now too. I have a couple of young girls coming to my house tomorrow and I would like to have a special treat for them.

  2. Your cookies came out so pretty and I love your card and candy. I hope you've had a special weekend because YOU are so special! xox Diane

  3. Your projects are coming right along. I especially like that blanket. I need to find that pattern. The cookies also look delicious as do the chocolates. I am a confirmed chocoholic. :-). I hope your new scissors work out. I've seen them in the stores and wondered how well they worked.

  4. Well done on the hats and the blanket is looking great if you keep going like you did this week, I can see that being finished in a week or two. Now isn't your ardent admirer wonderful for buying such thoughtful valentine gifts and as Marsha said if we don't treat ourselves right no one else will. Love the cookies and I'm sure your neighbour will love them also.

  5. I feel so lazy whenever I read your busy posts. I'm happy for you that you have a sweet neighbour. Your cookies look so yummy! I want to try to make those. They make me drool. I love seeing your premise hats. It always amazes me how much smaller they are than My babies were.

  6. Your posts keep me on target, and push me to work on the baby blanket I'm crocheting. Those cookies look wonderful.

  7. The hats are adorable, the blanket is a stunner....and watching your progress helps keep me motivated as I learn how to crochet. Love the goodies your admirer gave's always good to spoil ourselves!

  8. That blanket is something else!! I enjoys it's progress. I understand the stick to one project and make less must be because we are older! I should get more done too time seems to fly by. Great looking springy flowers! Those cookies look yummy...I have often wondered if there was a special cutter for I know:)

  9. I love the blanket (and the cookies!). I think I probably have the tools somewhere- I will have to dig them out!

  10. I also find it easier to limit the amount of things I do at one time. I find I enjoy them more too. Those cookies look sooooo tasty YUM!

  11. Hello hello! I'm crawling back out again from my hole and I'm missing you YOP peeps so I thought I'd check in :D What a nifty blanket, it looks fun. And those cookies look to die for, yum yum. I might need to make some myself! I hope you are well :)

  12. Oh SIA, how I wish I could knit,, but my fingers keep getting in the way! lol!
    Keep those YOP coming!

  13. Hi and Happy Valentines Day to you! You really got me wondering then....who was your admirer! Oh those heart cookies look amazing...lucky vets. And those little preemie lovely.Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I don't seem to get the email notification any email I think! The scrappy rug base is the stretchy rubbery mat that you can buy to put under a rug to stop it slipping.I'm sure it's washable and it works really well. I'm really surprised at how quickly my rug us growing...I might even run out of scraps! That'll be the day!

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  15. Great projects, you are getting on with them very fast with the new method of working! I really love those cookies, they look wonderful. Might have to get one of those tools too.....would love to make some like that!
    Happy week, Sam!
    Helen xox

  16. Hi Sam! Regarding number of projects on the go at one time, I say, do what works for you! Your hats are adorable and the blanket is coming out beautifully--you should be proud. I really wish I could reach in a grab one of those cookies!


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