Friday, February 20, 2015

Things are going to the dogs and more around here!

Well, everyone of us got sick, it's not carbon monoxide but it does make one wonder!  Nitty (the Rottweiler), Annie the miniature dachshund, the cat and me.  If you're squeamish maybe you shouldn't read this, lol!
First,  I woke one morning and Nitty had had the runs in the night.  She has never in her 10 years ever gone in the house so I know she was sick.  She was so ashamed too even though I never yelled at her.  I was very grateful for my Spotbot little carpet shampooer!  It took me all day to get it all cleaned up and I went through almost a whole bottle of carpet shampoo.  There was a break for one day then the next day I woke up to 8 - 9 small areas of "throw-up" from Annie.  The last mess was the cat who got sick on my chair in my bedroom.  Thankfully, the Spotbot has a hose and brush attachment for upholstery too!  Whew!  Me, well I just got a headache and was very tired and finally realized I had a fever.  What a week!!!
We had a little snow too..........

and now we're expecting who knows what? Snow, sleet or freezing rain?  Or all of the above.....
So, since I'm feeling a bit better I thought I might try something "fun" for a change........(before the other shoe to!)  
I've been wanting to make one of these bags for my sock knitting.  I bought it online from Craftsy.  I wanted to sell them on Etsy but I have to buy a "cottage license" from her which I haven't looked into yet.  I'll get some made first.
Also, my son was replacing a headlight on his sister's car during the terrible cold they're having up North and he got frostbite on the top of his one hand so I want to make him some fingerless mitts to use in situations like that.  He's always helping someone with their cars so I know this might happen again.  I found this pattern free on Ravelry.
Just what I was looking for.  I wasn't going to "cast on" any new projects but I don't want him getting frostbite so I may have to  make an exception in this case!
I hope you are all well, warm ,dry and full! 
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that so much "ick" has been going around your house. Not fun at all. Hopefully it's all done. Your fingerless gloves and sock bag look like fun projects. I've never heard of a cottage license before. Hope you can get it figured out. Stay warm and safe.

  2. Poor Nitty and poor you too, everyone sick at once. Hope you are all better now! A Cottage License...I am not sure what that is. It is just a can that be ? anyone can sew up a bag. Your electricity must have stayed on during the storms...that is a good thing:)

  3. Oh poor you, everyone ill. Thankfully you had your cleaner. Hope you feel better soon, and life gets back to normal.

  4. Sorry to hear you all were sick. I hope things are better now.

  5. I sure hope everyone is all better now. That's a lot to deal with at one time. Take care, tammy

  6. Sorry you all had a bug. That's no fun. How patient you were. I'm glad you have some f-u-n to play with. I hope your son's hand is okay.


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