Friday, December 12, 2014

Wrapping is all done!

Whew!  It was a marathon day today.  but I "got 'er done".  Tonight I will pack it all in the boxes and take it to the post office in the morning.  One day late according to the post office but I'll just have to take my chances now.

 A bed full of!
I got some Pinterest presents made too...............
The 2014 ornament...........
and some potpourri...........

and the Christmas cactus was blooming all through my wrapping and carole singing.............
I still have Christmas baking to do and a tree to put up but the presents for the grands were the most
It was so funny that before Thanksgiving Sam, my grandson who's 7, kept asking my daughter if there was anything in the mail and she finally said why are you so interested in the mail every day?  Sam said "because I'm sure Grandma will be sending a box for Thanksgiving!"  LOL!  I've spoiled them I guess.  I sent one at  Halloween and so Sam thought for sure there would be one for Thanksgiving too and every holiday after that I guess! LOL!  I sort of felt bad but it really made me feel good that they really like Grandma's "boxes".  I was going to send a book and homemade cookies each month but I couldn't afford the shipping costs.
I hope your holidays are  coming together for you just as you wanted.  Happy Trails!


  1. You put me to shame. I have some Christmas shopping to do and I'll be getting it done next week. I still have a baby gift to finish and a commission to finish.

  2. I'm not done wrapping, but I did get items put into bags yesterday. It give me the push to get the rest done soon too.

  3. You are so sweet and such a good Nana! It's fun to send packages and I know they are excited to get them. Maybe one month you could put together a book box and send it book rate...that's pretty economical. I try to make my packages as light as I can! lol Holiday hugs, Diane

  4. I'm glad there are folks like you keeping the US Postal Service in business. Ha! Even if the gifts are late, they will be well received and bring lots of joy. That little ornament with the tied ribbon is very cute. Is it just a twig you used? Have a great day. Tammy

  5. Wonderful to have all your presents wrapped. Your grands will be so excited! X

  6. My goodness.. you've been a great little Santa's elf, with all the work you've put into Christmas.
    I just know your family will love their packages!

    Cute ornament for 2014.
    I'm still working on our ornament for the year... I guess I better hurry up and get it done :)

    Warm regards..

  7. Can't blame Sam for wanting Grandmas goodies! You have been busy! :)

  8. It must be hard to get all the shopping finished, wrapped and sent on time.

    Your grandson's story reminded me of a funny family story. My parents would always mail the kids a card with a $5 bill for every holiday. They would be mailed at the same time, but every time, one of the kids would get their card and the other would take another week. Eventually they stopped being upset, but it was hard when they were young and one got a card and the other didn't.

    Have fun baking and just enjoying Christmas.

    And, thanks for the sweet words on my post.


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