Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa's Workshop is in full swing!

Instead of an advent calendar I need a calendar with all the Christmas deadlines on it!  Yesterday was grocery and the last of the Christmas shopping and I took Nitty to get her allergy shot.  Then it was unload them all and put away.  There was supper and clean the litter box and then I plopped into bed with my crochet and watched Christmas Light Fight where they compete for the best outside decorations for Christmas.
I feel most days like I'm running from pillar to post and not getting very far but God whispered in my ear the other night while I was sleeping and now I have a plan.  There are areas that need to take precedence so each day I am trying to do something in that area first before just the regular chores.
So, today the plan is to label a plastic container (big one) for Fall and wrap and pack all the Fall and Thanksgiving decorations away in it.  I bought a big container yesterday.  I also need to make one for garage sale items for Spring, clean the bathrooms, make some cookies and crochet #1 of 10-12 bookmarks.
I did buy myself a cast iron skillet yesterday as I lost mine in the move here and I can't make my Aunt Bernice's fried potatoes without one.  It's been long enough.  What's nice is now they come pre-seasoned....Merry Christmas to me!

The last of the Christmas shopping.  Just some little items to tuck in...stocking stuffers without the stocking. LOL!
 There's some last minute crafting going on too......can you guess what this might be?
but wait...there's more.............
and then of course it all needs to be wrapped...........boxes and tissue paper for all those handmade gifts!  The ones that got finished that is....
 Before I blogged I told myself I had to get one of those "plan" items done and here it is.......
I created a nice BIG label for my plastic bin...........
and labeled it.......I used packing tape as regular tape just falls off after awhile.
It's down in the basement now waiting to be filled.  I figured it was better to fill it down there than upstairs and then try and carry it down. My Mother didn't raise any dummies...Ha! Ha!
I have the last "S" done in "JESUS" for the first bookmark and a total of 9 rows finished of bookmark #1.  There are 37 rows for each bookmark......it's not looking good.  Maybe Easter?
It's cotton thread and really stretches so they will have to be blocked for sure.  It doesn't look good but I've counted each stitch and if I pull it straight it looks fine....really, it does.  I hope you're enjoying the season however and whatever you celebrate.
Happy Trails!


  1. I haven't seen the cast iron skillets that are preseasoned. That sounds great! And all of the Christmas ribbon and papers are so pretty and fun this year! Enjoy your week! Don't work too hard! Holiday hugs, Diane

  2. This is a busy time of the year, maybe I need to make a list for myself. Love your bookmark. My Grandma would make bookmarks in the shape of a cross. If I remember there was a small tassel at the top of the cross. Hope you have a great week.

  3. You have a plan...that is good! I need to make a daily list I think. I have the cups for the Mexican Mudballs that the Grands like so much:)

  4. Didja know that you don't have to put in those numbers ?? I just ignore them Blogger is such a pain sometimes.

  5. I know what you mean about cutting it close on handmade Christmas gifts. I just looked at the calender to see what I need to do per day to get my projects done. Some may wait until next Christmas, ha ha!

  6. You've got a lot lined up. I like that zippy ribbon. I feel behind.

  7. Yay, for plans, organization, and pre-seasoned cast iron pans!
    Have you ever had apricot jam on fried potatoes??
    Sounds odd, but of course, it is delicious!

    Warm regards...


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