Monday, March 3, 2014


A day behind but we had quite the storms yesterday.  In my entire life I don't think I've seen all the different types of weather all in one day!  We had lightening, thunder, rain, sleet and snow...the only thing missing was our usual tornadoes. LOL!  But all is well and the sun shone brightly today and we have power and heat which many don't.
 I haven't done too much this week fiber wise.  But here it is for what it's worth.
 I finished the teeny tiny preemie hat and put scallops on it for a little girl.  The next one will be for a little boy.  I put the lip balm next to it so you could see how tiny it is.
 Still working on the Irish Hiking Scarf but the bigger and heavier it gets the more it hurts my hands and even arms.  I can work 2 rows tops before I have to put it down.  When I finish that skein in the picture I will be done.
 I did 2 of these "mug rugs" which are also going to have some embroidery on them too.
 Doilies were on my YOP list this year (weren't they?)  and this is the beginning of one.  I looked and looked and there is a book by Debbie Bliss that has the one I want but for now I will practice on this one.
 This is the "washcloth from hell" and I only have 7 or 9 more threads to weave in but I hate this cloth so much I'm not sure I can even keep it around and use it.  It looked nice when I finished it and now with all those 40-60 threads woven in on the back it looks like it has tumors..........
 How could a project so small go so bad?  Never again will I ever do any project from the Mason-Dixon gals.
 That's it for this past week....I'll be back tomorrow to show off my Pinterest pins from last week!
It was quite fun!  Happy Trails!


  1. The weather these days sucks ... I've run out of good things to say about it. COME ON SPRING!

    Your washcloth is well, quite something. I'd have rather carried the yarns throughout the cloth rather than cutting and restarting. Would have saved all that weaving in :)

    I hear you about projects that are heavy on the needles. I'm thinking about casting on a worsted weight sweater, but thinking about it makes my arms ache! Hmmmmm!

  2. Glad you are still staying safe and that power is still with you. You have so many projects - the practice doilie is looking great and the scarf is nearly there - just a little more lifting!!

  3. Such lovely projects and the preemie hat is so so sweet. Hope you're braving the weather. We are just getting so much rain even Spencer's getting fed up with it! Xx

  4. Looks like a terrible storm. Beautiful projects on the go.

  5. You've got a well-rounded variety here. I can't believe how tiny that preemie hat is! My gosh. I was one too. I hope the baby is doing well.

  6. You've got so much going on way to go you, love all the projects. That preemie hat is so small and I can just imagine the size of head it's going to go on. I too would and did carry the threads up the cloth so much easier to deal with ends just at two ends. It's a pity because the red and white look so awesome together.

  7. That is a pretty red and white thing perhaps it would be better doubled over and stitched up..make a great pot holder! :)


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