Sunday, March 16, 2014

YOP Sunday

I have been busy with all sorts of things this week.....mostly cleaning and painting so not much progress was made but I do have an "antique" WIP to show you. LOL!
I did finally get all the ends woven in on "the washcloth from hell" and maybe someday I will try it again , now knowing I am supposed to "carry" the yarns.  There it is in my kitchen drawer ready to get utilized.
I did work on this off and on during the week and as you can tell the skein is getting smaller....slowly. 
The antique WIP I dragged out is years old and is a large afghan pattern using Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  I will NEVER EVER let someone else chose the pattern and the yarn.  As much as I love my daughter this project has been like the washcloth from hell except a million times worse!  First of all the yarn is horrid to work with...really horrid.  And the pattern is crochet but with a BPC and FPC throughout which are back post and front post clusters.  I have started and put away this project 3-4 times at least.  I even had a friend , who's a better crocheter than I, try it and give up.  This was several years back before I retired.  I was cleaning out and came upon the hundred or more skeins of yarn to make this gigantic afghan (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) and decided I had too much money invested in it to give up plus, now that I was retired maybe I would have the patience and time to figure it out and so I did!  It is and will continue to be a "slow boat to China" and it may take years to finish but I am determined plus won't my daughter be surprised! 
These are 2 pictures of the aforementioned blanket. 
This is what I have done so far and I'm only on the second row.  The rows are 223 chains long and the yarn is still horrid and gets caught, so there is no way you can speed up even when you have the pattern memorized.  Plus, the yarn my daughter chose is a heathered/mottled green and pink which makes it hard as heck to see your stitches but will also do a good job of hiding mistakes.  The problem is, when you make a mistake with the BPC or the FPC it shows down the road and the other stitches don't work out so....there you have it.  This project should have a YOP year all to itself! LOL! 
But on the bright side, I felt so good finally figuring out the stitch and successfully implementing it after all these years.  DISCLAIMER:  I did some serious begging praying to my crochet angels before I started so they deserve a lot of the credit or the above picture would not have taken place.
Happy Springtime!  I bought these bulbs the other day .98 each at Walmart and it's been beautiful here.  I was going to plant them but it is now snowing out.....of course!

In case I miss you tomorrow, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!  My corned beef and cabbage is simmering while I type.  Happy Trails!


  1. Well I think your cloth looks super even if it's the cloth from hell and really compared to the blanket is a walk in the park. I think that is one project that should quite happily be worked on once a month or there abouts to save your sanity. Happy St. Particks Day ;)

  2. Oh, I like that washcloth. Looks like it would be thick enough to be a hot pad, too. Enjoy your evening my friend! Sweet hugs!

  3. Well, I think that the cloth looks lovely. Hope you have had a great day :-)

  4. Oh Sam! You do manage to give me a giggle--I read a few of your other recent posts (I am so behind)-I think I might look for that Twins book-it looks like it might be very interesting. How sweet of your daughter to send you a little sunshine through the mail-all of it looks lovely. Your dishcloth turned out great, regardless of the hassle the pattern gave you. And the blanket? It doesn't deserve a yop of its deserves an early grave. If you stick with it you are a better woman then I by far. :)
    Have a super week--

  5. I can't wait to see tulips and other spring flowers here this year.

  6. I admire your tenacity to stick with those tiresome WIPs. I've done it ... but nowadays I think I'm just too selfish a crafter. I'd be inclined to donate the yarn somewhere and buy something a bit nicer to work with.

    Love your little washcloth. All those woven in ends are likely to make it sturdier :)

  7. I may have giggled a bit about the blanket, especially when I got to the photo of your progress. At least you have a lot of spare time on your hands?

  8. The corned beef and cabbage sounds lovely - i love that combination!
    The washcloth from hell sounds a nightmare! Well done on finishing it, it looks really good.
    You have amazing patience and perseverance, and are quite clearly not going to be beaten on that afghan! Me, I would have frogged it by now and would be making a simpler granny square blanket!
    But it will look amazing when its finished.
    Meant to say Happy St Patrick's Day for yesterday,and also meant to say on last post that those Ladybug Farm books look interesting.
    Hope you enjoyed your corned beef and cabbage!
    Gill xx

  9. I love a good, cheap buy. That afghan yarn does not look fun to hook with. You won't ask her to pick out something else and use the yarn for something else? Your dishcloth drawer is terrific.


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