Friday, March 14, 2014

Books and treasures in the mail.........

I finished the last of the Janette Oke Canadian West series and loved each and every book.  Such soothing and pleasant reading to be the last thoughts of the day before I go to sleep.  But wait....that's not all!  I've been watching the series on Saturday nights on the Hallmark channel and she visited the set and told Hallmark she's writing another book for the series!  I'm so excited! (This entire series was gotten at my local library).
I finally finished reading this book which took me awhile.  It was not a page turner but one of those books that you become comfortable with but still very interesting. It is about 2 twins who are separated when very young when their parents die.  One goes to live with German relatives and the other stays in the Netherlands and is raised there.  They meet when they are old and recount their different experiences of WWII being on different sides.  This was a very enlightening book and well researched and so glad I didn't "quit it" because at the end it turned out to be a very worthwhile read.  (I got this book at a garage sale from a friend that bought it overseas in Ireland when she traveled over there.)
I started reading The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.  I've loved all her other books so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one.  She is a great storyteller.  This book takes place during the slave days in Charleston, South Carolina about 2 little girls; one white and one black.  The white girl "owns" the black girl as her hand maid and is given her as a gift on her 11th birthday.  The story of Handful, the slave girl, is partly taken from journals and information about a real person.  Although it is not a true story, it certainly could be with the accuracy that Ms. Kidd utilizes in her books.
Well, it's been over a week that I've had this book and I haven't learned Yoga yet but I am reading the book and I'm on the  "breathing" chapter and I think I've got that down pat! LOL!  I've wanted to learn yoga for a while now as I want to remain flexible in my elder years.

I have never read Jane Austen before....any of her books.  Yet so many are in adoration of her writings.  I decided I needed to see what all the fuss was about so I picked up the only book they had available at the time in the library.  I've just started reading it and I think I might have watched it on PBS before, or at least parts of it.  Time will tell.  I'm not much into "romances" or "childish women" so we'll see.  Right now it seems like one sister is very "emotional" while the other is "sensible" thereby the title evidently.   I'm banking on the sensible one but then that's just me. LOL!
I got a lovely "surprise" in the mail the other day from my daughter.  We like so many of the same things and I always love anything and everything I get from her.     
I got cherry duct tape, Lipsyl lip balm which she swears by and it has a little bee on the side that you push to get more balm....too cute!  There were 2 Yankee votive candles, Valentine cards from her 2 little sweeties; Sam and Grayson, a lovely card and note from my daughter, a cute bracelet, a set of colored sharpies and Orange Blossom Hand lotion from The Naked Bee and did I forget anything?
It was such a treat to get something in the mail for no reason or season!
 My daughter is an elementary art teacher and the outside of her cards are prettier than the cards........(I think so anyway but I might be prejudiced a bit)
I'd like to enlarge what she calls her "doodles" and make them into appliqued wool pieces. 
Any who........that's all the news that's fit to print from here.  I hope you are all ready to enjoy your weekend!  Happy Trails!


  1. Thanks for the ideas on books. The one about the twins separated sounds interesting.

    Like your daughter, I too like to doodle on my envelopes.

  2. So nice to get a package from your daughter! Love her card.
    I read the Okie series many years ago. The movies were nice too, I thought.

  3. That was a very nice surprise!

  4. I love your daughter's doodles and I do think they will make fun embroidery patterns.
    I don't remember how I ambled onto your blog, but I am enjoying reading. My young daughters and I read all the Oke books together years ago, and they remain some of our favorites. I was interested to hear that she has written something new.

  5. What a sweet gift and more precious because she made it personal...just for you. I love Jane Austen books but only started reading them a few years ago. Once I started though, I wanted to read them all. Have a fun weekend my friend! Hugs!

  6. What a nice haul you got in the mail..yes she is gifted that envelope is really cute! Watch Jane Eyre on Netflix yet? I watched it the other night and enjoyed it! :)

  7. I love Jane Austen but must admit that as I'm not much of a reader at the moment, I tend to enjoy her novels as films or tv series. Lovely to have a parcel from your daughter and I love her drawings. Maggie xx

  8. Such sweet gifts from your daughter, Sam! Lovely treats! I enjoyed seeing what you are reading...I have loved Jane Austen's novels since schooldays and every now and then I re read one and still enjoy them......I hope you do too:)
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  9. All the books look good. What a lovely daughter you have to send you such a lovely surprise parcel with all sorts of useful and interesting goodies!
    Gill xx


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