Sunday, October 20, 2013

YOP Sunday

You wouldn't believe the last 2 weeks I've had but I'm here and well and ready to boogie...I mean blog! LOL!  To make a long story short; my pc crashed and I had to get a new one, my backups won't restore to the new pc (thus no YOP image as of yet), my insurance company ran my house insurance payment through my bank SEVERAL times in one month causing a "bouncing" effect which I am STILL trying to straighten out.! I setup my pc only to find out it is not "wireless" (talk about going "backwards") so now I have all those wires to deal with again although I've heard I can install something that will make it wireless capable....for a price, of course.   I fell down and scraped and bruised myself but nothing broke TG (since I have osteoporosis and I'm senior) and I burned my fingers using oven mitts!  Crazy right?  But....I survived and no worse for wear and tear.  It could've been worse...lots worse!  Oh, I also messed up my scarf a bit and it is noticeable but I'm forging ahead as it would send me to the asylum to rip it out now! LOL!  It was probably because I had my mind on other things these past weeks that I messed up in the first place as it had been going so well.  Maybe I should go back to reading my horoscope so at least I might have a "heads up"?
I will try and catch up with all of you this week and get back on track with my blogging.  I must say I am loving this new pc.  I got a desktop with a big screen and it is so fast I can't believe it!  Enough said...on to the good stuff!
You've seen the scarf a zillion times but it is almost done!  I am on the third and last skein and that skein is getting pretty small so hopefully next week there will be an FO maybe? 
 See the "screw up" below?  Don't ask me what I did as i have no clue how it actually happened but I tried backing out and it still didn't fix it...a lifeline would have come in handy...thank you Ruth for the link you sent me about them.  How can I mess up a scarf????  Evidently the knitting neurons were NOT firing that day!  It's probably an accurate picture of how my mind was all directions! LOL!   But it's a nice big warm scarf that my son will probably leave at some restaurant anyway so it's the thought and love that counts, right?  Since he's not a knitter he probably won't even notice it....I hope.
I'm making Christmas presents now......
This is for my cousin who I made a Grandmother's Favorite for awhile ago and she requested a bigger one so instead of casting on 44 stitches I cast on 64 and I think she'll be pleased, hopefully.
 I finished the hook holder and now need to find some coordinating fabric to line it with and sew pockets for the hooks.  Below I am back to working on the granny squares but thankfully was reminded of how to crochet and work in the ends at the same time....whew!  These were before I learned that! LOL!
I'm also immersing myself in this beautiful season and crocheting up some Maple leaves.  

I can't wait to crochet those next colors appearing in the skein!  These will definitely need to be blocked and starched even so i can hang them as a garland. 
Have you seen the new Lion Brand catalog?  The blanket below is knitted , felted and then sew together and embroidered.  It's a story quilt and you can pick from their motifs to embroider what you want.  It's a free pattern on Lion Brand but of course they're hoping you buy all that yarn to make it.   I am planning on using my already felted wool fabric that I use in my wool applique and rugs and do it that way.  I know...another blanket!  LOL!
There was also this cute owl rug or blanket...I can't remember but be sure and check out their catalog for Fall online.  Wouldn't that be a cute "nap mat" to send off to school with your kindergartner or don't they do that anymore?    I love Lion Brand as I think it is good quality and reasonably priced.  No, I get nothing for saying that!  I wish!

Well...that's all for this week folks!  I'll be by later but for now I have to go do my "chores", enjoy this beautiful day, sit down and do some handwork, watch some football and finish baking off some molasses cookies I started last night.  I hope you have a wonderful day and week ahead and that you do what makes your heart sing....whatever that is!  TTYL!


  1. I am glad to see you back but oh boy what have you been doing to yourself. With all that going on around you it's no wonder a mistake was made so don't feel bad. I'm sorry the lifeline further back didn't work and had I been nearer to you I'd have done it for you but it's looking good and I'm sure your Son will appreciate the love and thought and care you put into it and won't even notice. Loving all the blankets and of course the cloths.

  2. Wow, I'm glad you're still here and able to blog again! No wonder things went wrong in the scarf with 2 weeks like that.. When wrapped around his neck, no one will notice that mistake I'm sure.

    With everyone's talk of Christmas presents I've cheated (my own rule) and started crocheting some presents/decorations myself. It is a bit early, but crafting isn't as fast as buying so that's my reason to allow myself to start before December :P

    Need to try that leaf pattern, it looks really pretty!

  3. Oh boy when it rains, it pours as they say. Glad you have a sense of humor about all that's been happening to you. Thank goodness for yarn. You have great projects going on. I love see that Irish Hiking scarf grow. The leaves look awesome too in that yarn.

  4. My goodness you've been through the mill! I hope next week goes smoothly for you.
    I am always impressed with all of the projects you are working on.
    And I don't think your son will notice the wee mistake at all. He sounds just like my son. I can't tell you how many hats he's left at various places.

  5. Whew... sounds like an eventful time. I am so glad that you didn't break anything in your fall either!
    Sorry about all the other catastrophes going on around there!
    Hope all the bad junk is behind you, and only good stuff ahead!!

    So impressed with your handicraft skills, and I bet your son will LOVE his scarf!

    I left you a reply on your comment on my blog. Let me know what you think.....I'd LOVE you to post the pix of your red houses :)

  6. I see that I am not the only one with many projects going on at once. I too have started making Christmas gifts.

  7. You always have so much going on, whether good or bad or in between. Glad to hear all is well and hope you got all the bouncing sorted out. :) No one will ever notice the mistake in the knitting. I sure couldn't. I always make mistakes when I have too much going on. Either that, or I start breaking stuff which has happened a lot lately. I need to start working on some Halloweeny type things. Crocheted while in Malaysia but haven't done anything since. Have a great week. Tammy

  8. Nope, I don't imagine anyone will notice that little wobble in the scarf. And maybe blocking will help straighten it out?

    That felted blanket is gorgeous, but oh goodness, what a lot of work!

  9. Wow, talk about doing everything at once. You certainly don't do things by halves. I hope you are feeling better and getting yourself back together. Don't worry about the scarf. He'll never know and once it's wrapped around his neck, no one else will either. Take care of yourself, dear lady.


  10. Wow, reading everything you went trough made me dizzy, can't imagine what it did to you experiencing all of that! And to still have such a lovely attitude about everything!

    I love that scarf, I'm sure your son will love it as well (and won't notice that itty bitty mistake at all)! And those leaves! They're amazing! Can't wait to see more of them, and that garland will be so wonderful!

  11. Oh my, that is a pretty traumatic 2 weeks! You must be due some good luck now. All of your projects are looking great though and I am sure no one will notice the tiny mistake :-)

  12. How do you work in the ends of those granny squares? I need to know that!! :)


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