Sunday, September 15, 2013

YOP Sunday

This is going to be less wordy than usual as it is too beautiful outside to be in here! LOL!  I've waited  all Summer long for this weather and so have the girls.  I'll be back tonight to check in on y'all!
Flower pin......crocheted, Attic 24 pattern.
Found these adhesive pin backs at Wal-mart...sounds like a good idea....I'll let you know!
Irish Hiking Scarf is almost halfway...........

another flower in progress....these are FUN!
New fiber and new sticks (more dpns) for new projects!

and yes,  this is a supply for a YOP project.....can you guess what it is?  Tune in next week to find out!

Have a great week!


  1. have some lovely Knit Picks yarn and needles!! Was that not fun to receive in the mail? Your little flowers are so bright and cheerful. Are they for you or are you gifting them? You are so darn creative and I wish I could keep up with you! :) Enjoy your lovely weather-we have rain and gloom today, but I am not complaining as we had a beautiful, unusually hot and dry summer.
    Have a lovely week--

  2. I love irish hiking scarves... such a pretty pattern. The flowers look super fun.

  3. Please do let us know how the adhesive pins work out. I haven't seen them before, but if you give them positive reviews, then I'll be on the lookout for them.

    The little flowers are just gorgeous. I love all the bright colours together!

  4. I always smile at the view of your Irish Hiking scarf. The pin is very nice and would make great gifts for teachers. Knit Picks is a solid company.

  5. Your little flower pins are gorgeous.......hope the sticky back pins work, great idea if they do, I hate stitching pins to the back of brooches..........looking at your new supply of dpns, are you going to be knitting socks by any chance, lol.

  6. Love the flowers and let us know how the backs go, I've not seen those before. The scarf is looking great and is growing weekly, well that's of course probably what you want it to do lol. I've not tired knit picks ? Is it good or nice ? Might have to keep an eye out, you know I love dpn's and well knit pro, need we say more lol I think not ! Now what are those cups for ? I'm intrigued and as it's so early in the morning here I've not got a notion so I'll have to wait until next week lol. Enjoy your weather.

  7. I SO wish they would stock Knit Picks yarns in Sweden! They all look lovely :) And those needles are gorgeous. I hope the lovely weather continues and you get more time to spend outside! Have a lovely week :)

  8. Glad you finished that bad book, I hate it when the whole book is awful. Nope can't guess what you are doing with those cups:)

  9. I love the flowers, they're so bright and cheerful, and turning them into pins is a really clever idea.

  10. Those flowers are lovely and look like a reasonably quick gift. The scarf is looking great and I am intrigued by the cups!


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