Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Reading List and some chalk paint

Remember last year when I painted my front door apple green?  Well, yesterday I used Sam's Chalk Paint and painted it buttermilk.  (Sam's Chalk Paint is my own mix of 2T of non-sanded grout powder with a little water to dissolve it good then 1 cup of your paint mixed in.  Super simple or I don't do it! Ha! Ha!   I love the name and the color.  I only used one coat and I still need to scrape the window a bit and I'm not "waxing" it.  I'm going to see how it wears as is.  It's an experiment just like the rest of my life! LOL!
This is what I'm reading but I'm not going to comment until I finish something.  I did finish Country Living February 2013 and no more of that for me as I can get most of that type of inspiration on Pinterest and literally "pin down" my style not what's "trending" (I could care less about trends unless they appeal to me, myself, and I! LOL!) 
Now, MJ's magazine is different because she goes to the beat of her own drummer!  Just got the Fall issue in the mail.  Oh, there's also an article about DIY dogfood which I am very interested in since my Nitty girl has allergies.

 Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  I finished Little, Big and it was just as crazy at the end as it was at the beginning!  I'm not posting another picture as it will definitely make the list of The Worst Books Read in 2013.  It doesn't even get a rating as I would have to go into the negatives to give one.
Still reading this one and it's interesting but it is a reference book.  The first chapter was how to build a log cabin (in detail) and the chapter I'm about to begin is about organic gardening.  This man was ahead of his time along with the Nearings who were the original pioneers of the "back to land" movement in the 1960's. 

Since I can only read so much of a reference book at a time, I started another non-fiction written by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter that I've had for years but have never read.   It's called Everything to Gain.  When I had my career and was working all week (and most weekends it seemed) and on call 24/7, I had the money to buy books but no time to read them.  Now, I finally have the time and not much money to buy new ones so it's worked out good....I have plenty to read in my old age! LOL!
So far, I am really enjoying this book.  They each write their own words about the same topic and they are both good writers.  It was written about the time after they left the White House.
Ahhh....finally some light fiction that actually has plot, real characters and a series of events that make sense.  (If Little, Big had been the first book I'd ever read I don't think I would have ever become a reader.....thank goodness he doesn't write children's books or he would turn off whole generations of readers!) Catering to Nobody is Diane Mott Davidson's first book and a mighty good one so far!  And recipes too....I haven't tried those yet!  They sound yummy though!
That's all for this week in the reading category.  Now, I'm off to power wash my sidewalk, make a spinach quiche for supper and whip up some bread dough.  There's football on tonight so I think I'll drag out my t.v. watching needlework....hmmm, granny squares sound good for that.  I also need to pay some bills (yuch) and run the vacuum, and dang it, I want to slap some more paint around too!  TTYL!


  1. I am usually reading 4-5 books at a time, too! And I love Diane Mott Davidson. Warning - there are a lot of books in the series!! Some better than others, but the first is my favorite.

  2. You are a busy lady. :) Love your "buttermilk colored door". Have a great week!

  3. I just finished reading a Terri Blackstock book. Very good too.

  4. You always make me smile! I tell you, sounds like you are always up to something over there. I don't understand why folks pay big bugs for chalk pain when you can must make it yourself. :) I have several books on the go but haven't read much since starting back to school several weeks ago. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  5. Thank you so much for popping over to visit me in my corner of France. I'm truly delighted to have found your blog which, I am sure, I am going to enjoy following enormously. As your friends above have already commented you are a very active lady! Fabulous. I myself am a one project or book at the time kinda of girl. I have so many ideas in my head but fear I'll become even more scatterbrained if I tackle several things at the same time :-)

    Oh, and I must absolutely rectify the fact that the lace on my little hare's bloomers is 1890s not 1840s! :-) I have a wonderful friend who has a lace and fabric shop in our village who digs up the most amazing treasures for me. Most of the lace and buttons I use are vintage at the very least!

    Warmest wishes from your latest follower,



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