Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Works in Progress and a book review!

I think this is the next to the last block of my folk art quilt and then of course there's the border which is also appliqued and embroidered.  But this block is done.  Now I have to go get my wools together for the next block.  Sometimes that entails dying some wools to get the colors I want but dying is fun! 

There are only 3 green stitches left on this but "don't ya know" I ran out of that color so I need to go look in  my DMC  "stash" and find some that is close.  i had to do that with the pink too.  Why is it they never include enough or am I just wasteful?  Of course, then I have to wash away the dissolving waste canvas and sew it up into the purse/pencil case it was meant to be.

The book I finished is my first one for February but it was a big one, 541 pages to be exact!  I need to read about 5 a month in order to meet my goal of 50 by the end of the year for the GRAND PRIZE that Embarrassment of Riches is giving away.  It's not really about the prize as I have no idea what it is or if I'll win it but more about the challenge and reading only books I already have which I want and need to do without buying more (which to me is so tempting).  Anyway, this book was so fun and interesting to read and I looked forward to it each evening.  It is sort of like a cross between Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz yet unique in it's own way.  It is written by a husband and illustrated by the wife who are both talented and creative people in their own right before they collaborated on this book.  There's a another one after this one called Under Wildwood which,  of course, I want to get.  I bought this right before Christmas and actually bought it for the illustrations as I want to design my own applique and I thought the illustrations, especially of the birds were very inspiring.  It is on the New York Times Bestseller List and I highly recommend it if you would like an escape but can't afford a vacation! LOL!
I told you it was a biggy!      
I hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday and Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!


  1. Good job on the quilt progress and on the stitching. You'll have some finished objects before you know it.
    I've gone on Amazon and added that book and the next one to my Kindle Wish List. It's sounds interesting and I'm always looking for different books. Thanks.
    Have a great day.


  2. Great job on the quilt Sam and the book sounds interesting, I'll check it out.

  3. hey SIA.... :>)
    luv the wool felt work and x-stitch... dang, if we were neighbors, i'd tell you to pop over and go through my stash of embroidery floss... goodness I have a big 8x12x5 plastic container ful of skeins of floss... I keep mine in little 2x3 zip baggies and a hole punched on the edge so they stay on a ring in numerical order...sort of! lol!
    Give furry Gracie a hug from me, the not furry Gracie! lol!

  4. Hope you have a great Valentines Day too!

  5. I'm doing the goodreads book challenge ... you get to pick how many you want to read in a year. Putting down a set number really motivated me!

    Love the quilt panel ...

  6. Your projects are coming along! Happy Valentines to you too..I read your helpful tips..and enjoyed them:)

  7. Happy Valentine's Day! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla


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