Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sock KAL & Happy Valentines Day!

First of all Happy Valentine's Day!

Second, I'm sure you're all sick of looking at these socks and there's another one to go so I'll make this brief.....I finished the first of my second pair and cast on the second far, I don't have that "second sock syndrome" but I'm sure I'll catch it if I hang around with you guys long enough! LOL!  The sock looks MUCH better in the picture than it does in real life.  There's a row on the bottom and top of the sock where you can see why you are supposed to use as long a cord as you possibly can!  I am using a 40" cord this time so hopefully that will eliminate that "line".  We shall see.

I also finished another book...a non-fiction that I bought years ago and needed to read years ago as by now I've figured a lot of it out "the hard way".....what is up with me and making things more difficult than they need to be?  Anyway, it is well-written, easy to read and no matter where you are in life you can always learn and I did learn things from this book.  What's that saying?  "When the student is ready the teacher will appear".  Maybe I just wasn't ready when I first bought it.  "Live passionately for today and purposely for tomorrow." - Koyie, Maasai Tribal Leader
Here's a cute little Valentine project that I meant to make but never got "a round tuit".....could someone please send me one?  I'd be glad to reimburse you for it! LOL!
It's from Purl Bee 
I'm not sure if the pattern is still out there but they're made of felt and I think there was a little pocket where you could place those little candy hearts....don't quote me though.  Either way, it's a fun site to browse and VERY inspirational for crafters of all kinds!  They have a shop, Purl Soho, where you can order "supplies".  Oh!  That reminds me...I haven't given myself a Valentine's Day present yet....ummmm.  TTYS!!!!!  HUGS!!!!


  1. The socks are looking great and hopefully the longer cord will work for you. Happy Valentines Day to you also.

  2. Those socks are looking great. The heart project looks fun too.


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