Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrifty Tip Tuesday!

I need to challenge myself on this one!  There are some tips that I have done for years that I take for granted and then there are some tips that I've learned recently.  I hope either way that you can glean something useful for you and your family and save some money at the same time!
TIP #1 - This one is for cat owners.....I have found that the lid from Blue Diamond Almond cans also fits on cat food cans.  I was looking at lids at the store and thought it was ridiculous to have to buy cat food lids....there must be some lid I have at home that would work and "sure nuff" there was.  Now if someone could tell me one that fits for dog food cans?

TIP #2 - You probably already know this or do it but I was cooking up a storm yesterday and one of the things I was making was a sauce for Lasagna that I was going to cook today.  I always make spaghetti sauce and chili the day before I'm going to use it.  There is something about refrigerating tomato based sauces overnight that truly brings the flavors out and melds the spices you've added.  In fact, chili and spaghetti sauce could be made way ahead and frozen.  It only gets better with refrigeration!
(Above was taken when I was just starting to make my sauce...forgot to take a finished picture yesterday)
Below is when I took it out of the frig today to start making my lasagna. 

TIP #3 - The plant you cannot kill!  I think I've mentioned this before but I thought I would include it in my tips.  This is a smilax vine and if I haven't killed it neither will you!  I have had this plant in the the same pot I got it in several years ago. 
I do fertilize occasionally but I have gone as much as 3 weeks without watering when I had my eye surgeries and couldn't see for awhile.  All my other plants "failed" but this one lived through it all!

It has grown up the hanger and I had to trim it back as it swooped over to the drapes and started growing on the drapery rod!  It's unbelievable!  It also flowers and is easy to root in water!  In my house this is a "miracle" plant!
TIP #4 - Use your linens in unusual ways.  I've posted before how I've used linen napkins for curtains.  Here are a few other ways I've utilized them.
Here's my feed sack curtain.  Since it's a "sack" it's double thick and therefore definitely not see through which is good since it's in my bathroom.
 This is a handkerchief that belonged to my Mother and has her initial on it.........
I use many to cover furniture that has seen better days and I haven't had time to paint or refinish yet.  Below is a kitchen towel that a friend appliqued for me.

This is a tablecloth I got at a garage sale..........

These may not be your idea of great decorating if you have a fancier house than mine but for me it's fine.  I'm more practical than fancy but I love a "cozy" and "homey" atmosphere so it works for me.  I'm sure you could come up with even more but I hope this helps you in some small way.  Have a great evening!

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  1. I love vintage tablecloths. They can be used for so many things. Great tips!


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