Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prepping for Storm Q in Arkansas..........

In 2009 I went through an ice storm here in Arkansas and went without power for 8 days.  I had a fireplace but some "jerk" sold me green wood which wouldn't throw off any heat so it did me no good..  It's probably the worst experience I ever went through.  People here died because they were elderly, had no alternative heat source and there were no phones or power.  Some couldn't be reached because of the trees blocking the roads and power lines down.  It was horrible!  So, they're predicting this could be a bad one too.  This time I have a plan AND better wood!  
#1 - GOOD burning wood in the house
 More in the garage.........and more outside
#2 - A landline phone (your wireless phones won't work)
#3 - Ice melt
#4 - Weather radio
#5 - Battery powered lights...I have several of these plus a hand crank radio and light, flashlights, and a 3 way lantern

 #6 - Ice grippers that go on my shoes.......
#7 - Extra ice to keep the freezer cold in case we lose power which is pretty much a given!  I have water and that's not a concern since city water here flows even without electric....a MIRACLE!  But if you have well water you need to  ensure you have plenty since grocery stores will either not be open even days after the storm or the distributors will not be able to deliver for days and the shelves will be empty.  After the last storm there was no water or ice or batteries...even gas was hard to come by so fill up your tank.
#8 -  And of course canned goods, extra batteries, and oh!  Where did that cute little mushroom come from? I couldn't is cute isn't it?  My favorite color combo right and turquoise!
I also came up with a plan for keeping the heat in the room where the fireplace is as this house is sprawling and it could not possibly heat this whole house.  So........

I have a tension rod here in the doorway with some curtains I got at a garage sale and were still in the box I brought them home in! LOL!
Below is a big doorway that is between the family room, where the fireplace is, and the living room.  This was tougher....I took the tension shower curtain rod from the bathroom but it was just a "smidgin" short so I put 2 nails on each side and it gave it just enough width to make it!  Whew!  I may need to tack the sides too and also safety pin some towels to the bottom to extend the length but I think it will help.

See what I mean...........Grace was testing the clearance...LOL!  The girls are a little nervous as they know something is up.  What's strange is the name of the storm, "Q", as my parents who lived down here were known as Mr. and Mrs. "Q" because their last name was so hard to pronounce.  I think they're helping me stay safe.

I hope where ever you are that you "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst"!  
P.S.  Also, to keep your pipes from freezing let your faucets drip a little. 

This storm is affecting many people across the U.S. and I wish you all to stay safe and warm!


  1. It looks like you are ready, stay safe.

  2. You sound like you are ready for anything. Be safe out there and I'll be thinking of you.


  3. I am just now watching the weather channel. Funny they didn't give it a name but just Q. That is what I call my daughter on the blog as it is her first initial. You are really prepared and I hope you don't need any of it but you are smart. Those little tap lights work great. We have then now in all the rooms for emergencies. Stay safe and update us if you can.

  4. You sound ready for anything but I hope you won't need any of it. Please keep us posted as you are able!
    *smiles & hugs*

  5. Looks like you are prepared. Love the curtain. We do that too. I do run my faucets on drip, but it didn't work this year. Bummer.

  6. Goodness! I hope you get off lightly, and if not that you can stay warm!

  7. Hope you are weathering that storm. We buy a pet safe deicer..Ace Hardware has one. Looks like you are prepared..:)


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