Saturday, October 13, 2012

Summer's back! LOL!

Yesterday was cold and rainy part of the day then today it's sunny,  76 and going into the 80's they say!  This is the season for "layering" when you dress in the morning! LOL!
 I finished a great first book in a series.....
This is definitely a "cozy mystery" and I loved it!  One of those books that you don't want to put down and can't wait to pick up again.  The tale starts with the main character getting a letter from her elderly Aunt who lives in a small town on the Maine coast.  The main character lives in New York City, works as a textile designer and works for her French boyfriend in his design business.  That's all I'm going to say but the houses and the renovations are really cool and there's even directions in the back for some of the projects she does!  I love it!!!!  I'm already reading the next book in the series and so far so good also!  
Been working on the quilt blocks among other things.  Oh, BTW....that GMA pasta recipe was "okay" but not compared to the amount of dishes dirtied and the time it took to put together.  It called for 4 different cheeses and it didn't even taste that cheesy!  It is good but could be lots better.  Next time I'll choose my own cheeses, the Maria Rosa sauce is excellent but you could use Mario Batali's which to me is tastier considering there is no meat in it and easier.  I used spinach instead of Swiss Chard since I couldn't find it.  Jarlsburg cheese is like a baby swiss cheese so I used baby swiss and I used provolone instead of what they used (I can't remember what it was but the store didn't have it).  I'm adding more sauce to it tonight because it was dry.  I never got my carrot cake made because the pasta dish took so long to make.  Hopefully, today I'll get the carrot cake sweet tooth is aching! LOL!
Here's the blocks so far....I have 5 more blocks to sew buttons on today/tonight....getting closer!  They have to be ready before Wednesday!  
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  TTYS!


  1. I have to remember that book. I love cozy mysteries. It's warmer here today but in the 50's.

  2. It is warmer today here also, 75 degrees @ nearly 6 PM. I haven't been out to enjoy it since I'm still coughing like my lungs are going to fall out. LOL. Glad to see that you are getting the snowman squares done. I told you you could do it.


  3. I can't believe that little gadget at the right hand top of your blog...word that..I want that!! As you may know I just did a post on this very thing this morning.

    Your comment on my Dash Birthday post just cracked me up!! Thanks so much! He'll be trying to crack you up again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by again..missed you.

  4. Love the name of the book. Are you going to share the carrot cake recipe? I like the summer days we get in fall. I like the snowman square. I hope all is well!

  5. Cute snowmen are they going "armless?" You are almost done! Hope you week is going better now:)

  6. Your blocks are turning out great. I hope you are closer to getting the rest done. Have you ever tried the chopped tomatoes in the can that are already seasoned with onion, garlic and balsamic? They are so good. I add extra balsamic and olive oil, a dash of pepper and sugar and voila, tomato sauce. That's what I use when I do the eggplant parmigiana. So yummy! It was very, very hot today when we left school. Ugh! Sure wish days would get cooler around here. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. That snowman block is just beautiful, looking forward to seeing them all finished!

  8. Hi Sam,
    That does look like a good book, I will put that on my list, always looking for something good to read.
    Your little snowman block is so cute. You are right about the weather, warm one day, cold the next.
    Nancy Jo


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