Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cozy day to stay inside..........

 I was raised with the dictum..."if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all".  Now, I'm not perfect but I also carry that logic into "if you don't have anything positive to say don't say anything at all"....thus when you don't see me blogging or visiting it is because I am wrestling.....this week it seemed like with the devil himself/herself.  I had nothing uplifting to blog about and I was feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, helpless and on the brink of my emotional plateau!  And no, I am not a recovering alcoholic or drug addict although those particular avenues are starting to look tempting! LOL!  You know how you think things can't get worse and then they do!  OMG!!!!  That was my week!  But, I got through it and here I am rested, positive and ready to have a wonderful day and actually I had one yesterday too.  Yesterday was gorgeous and I threw all the windows open and was outside most of the day.  Nature is so nurturing and healing.  Today is gloomy and rainy so it's the perfect day for a fire in the fireplace and some baking and curling up with a nice cup of tea and some needlework.
  I'd curl up with a good book but I have those quilt blocks to finish...remember?  I've made progress....remember...there's 10 of when you see the progress multiply it by ten please........(Ha! Ha!)
 I have the buttons to do down the front still and a scarf around the neck and there's supposed to be "stick" embroidered arms but I'm afraid they would not show up on this fabric but we'll see....he may go "armless"!
I brought some plants in yesterday as we've had frost warnings already.  Today I'm cooking up an Italian casserole recipe that they had on GMA yesterday and also a carrot cake, hopefully.  I hope you are happy and cozy where ever you're curled up today!  HUGS!!!!!!!


  1. Dear Sam, I'm so sorry you have had a rough week. But I'm really glad you have worked through it and are feeling so much better. The snowmen are looking wonderful. You're gonna do it. Happy thoughts coming your way.


  2. Sorry you've had a rough week, have had a few of those and indeed those moments of it can't get worse, famous last words cause it does. Glad your through it now and on the other side. The snowman looks very cute and today was wet and windy with us also a real fire and indoor day ! I've just made a carrot cake, well yesterday but finished it today lol.

  3. Oh Sam!!!! Rough weeks happen and it always sucks when they do. Lots of happiness and positive thoughts being sent your way! A fire and me time sounds like a good start! Can't stay and chat though, football Thursday you know!!! GO STEELERS! HUGS!!!!!

  4. Your finding ways to get yourself through these hurdles Sam so pat yourself on the back. An hey if you have nothing to put on the blog it will still be here the next time you do.
    I am loving your snowman, my knitting needles are clicking away in the evenings as its the best place to be to keep warm.
    You have a great weekend.
    best wishes Julie.C

  5. I'm sorry for your rough week. I am glad you are back and curled up and cozy.

  6. Sam
    I'm glad your feeling more encouraged again. Life is so darn hard at times.
    I understand how hard it is to blog at those times.

  7. Sometimes just being still and quiet is a very good thing. I feel like that alot, especially during the week when things get so busy. Yesterday I sat here on this loveseat all the ding dong day -- catching up on blogging and doing a bit of crocheting. It was great! I knew I would be getting out and about today. And it's back to school tomorrow. Glad to hear you are making progress on those blocks. Take care! Tammy

  8. Opps, I forgot yes, it is Shirley McLaine and it used to be Jackie Kennedy! I guess I have aged. But thanks for the compliment...several have told me this.


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