Sunday, September 16, 2012

YOP Update!

I have a turned a corner in my knitting....literally!  I turned the heel! And I 'm working on the gusset now.  The knitting angels were with me this week for sure!

 Can you see the cuff and then the curved heel????  Can you?  I am simply amazed at myself! LOL!  By next week I may have frogged it all and started over but every time I get a little farther and one of these days I may actually have a SOCK!  It will be a red-letter day for sure!
I worked on another potholder in boy colors for my cooker son.  I'll make another...a set of 2 for Christmas.  He doesn't read my blog so not to worry, he won't see it.

 I have a question for you who have knitted forever or close.............I've been sticking all my yarn "snipets" into this jar and saving them but I'm wondering if there is anything I can use them for or am I just being a pack rat?  I hate to throw them out if there might be a use for them but they're such small pieces I can't come up with anything but using them for stuffing something small.  Any ideas or should I just pitch them? 
For those of you who like to coordinate your reading and your needlework, I am reading a series of mysteries about a sorceress in training who owns a yarn shop in Sugar Maple, MA.  This is the second book in the series and yes, it is important you read them in order.  I read the 3rd one 1st and was thoroughly confused!  There are many more too.  They are good I'm just not sure I want to read about sorcery and magic...I'm such a realist.

Last, I found these "pencil cases" at Dollar General for $1 each and they have clear plastic fronts that allow you to see what's inside.  They also have rings for fitting inside a notebook.  I have been looking at expensive project cases in knitting magazines etc.   Granted these would not work for anything big but I think a sock in progress, cross stitch, potholder project would definitely fit and you can see what's inside plus it's only a dollar!  What do you have to lose?   Run quickly to your local Dollar General before they're all gone!
I hope you all had and have a great week!  I have been pretty involved lately in other projects but still striving for the ever elusive "balance in all things".  The weather has forced me to go outside and attend to all the things I didn't get done outside this Summer because of the heat.  Hugs to you and success in ALL your endeavors!


  1. Your pencil cases would also work well to organize circular needles into a binder.

    If you've done the heel turn and the gusset then you're pretty much out of the woods. Looks like a perfect almost-a-sock to me!

  2. Thats so great that you have saved all of your ends. You definitely should use them to stuff a toy or something, its a great way to recycle! And I've still never knitted socks so you're one up on me there! Thank you for visiting my blog. Entrelac is so easy, if you can knit that sock then entrelac is a cake walk. And yes I am spinning on a drop spindle because I am too poor to afford a spinning wheel yet, lol!

  3. Congrats on the sock! It's looking great. Finishing your first sock is such a wonderful feeling!

    Yarn snippets: Use them to stuff an animal/toy or see if your local daycare/preschool can use them. I recently did an art project with my daughter and our mommy and me group using yarn snippets.

  4. My, my you are just moving right along. I think you've got the sock on the way now and there will be no frogging. It looks really good and since I've never made socks, knitted or crocheted, you are way ahead of me.

    That pencil case idea is a good one. They could hold crochet hooks, cross stitch needles, small cross stitch projects, any number of things. I may have to stop at the Dollar Store after I leave the post office tomorrow.

    Have a great week.


  5. I don't know if I can leave a link here..but I have used leftover yarn scraps inside a bird suet feeder..the birds come and steal it for their do other critters... but a full suet feeder lasts a very long time..and you must be in an area with lots of yarn feeder was empty after 2 months..

    if the link doesn't work just google: yarn in suet feeders..

  6. Turning the heel is the "hard part". Your pretty much home free now. Good luck.

  7. Put the yarn scraps outside for the birds to build warm nests:)

  8. Your sock looks great! I love your idea of the pencil cases for small projects - I'm getting some next time I go to town! Maggie xx

  9. Go you! Turning heels already!! I told you this knitting lark wasn't so hard!

    You could make a rug with your yarn scraps if you save enough :D

  10. woo hoo! I turned a heel this week too, nothing like it, it's one of those delightful miracles that crop up regularly in knitting (like not having to purl in the round to get stocking stitch). can't help on the ends I'm afraid, I loathe having little bits of yarn hanging around.

  11. Good for you, your doing just fine on the sock, looking really good! Yarn snippets, depending on the yarn, some I save for fringing purposes, I also toss the rest outside for the birds to come have at for their nests, I have lots of winged friends in my yard. Your pencil case is a great idea, now I will be able to store my circulars in binders...thanks!

  12. My first thought for those pencil cases was definitely circular needles. And the sock looks great, I hope you're going to have a party when it's finished (then takle the other one!)


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