Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Terrific Tuesday!

 What a great day here....70's, blue skies, nice breeze.....all the windows open!  Heaven!  I got some little "niggling" projects done today too........remember this one with the notebooks?  Done!
The items inside are all in plastic sleeves and I can remove them when I need them but the sleeves will protect them hopefully during the life of a project.
One of  my blogging girlfriends, Tammy of T's Daily Treasures asked me to show her my cross stitch.  I had misplaced it along with my applique.  That seems to happen every time I clean!  What's up with that?  But I finally unearthed it and so here it is........that little gold stitching is all I have done.  I haven't cross stitched in years and I've never used that plastic like material that will dissolve or tear away when I'm done (hopefully). It is basted onto the material that was provided in the kit.
The rest of the design is printed on it and it came with the Cath Kidson book Stitch that I purchased awhile back.  It also came with a zipper and is supposed to end up as a little purse.

This is a great book with lots of awesome projects!  Wish me luck!
My financial life has been like a bell curve.....poor when young, saving and building up some financial security in middle age and then the "golden years"...where I got sick and Wall Street, savings, real estate all went to heck along with my savings.  So, without time or energy to have a "do-over" I am back budgeting and trying to stretch the few dollars I have left.  God knows I love a challenge so I dug out my old budgeting books to revisit and redo.  It's easy to move up in the world but it's lots harder to scale back and readjust but I am determined to live within my means and still be able to pay for my expensive meds! LOL!  No retirement junkets for me!  But I am happy and healthy (except for my chronic diseases of which I am holding my own) and I am so blessed!

Pay no attention to those numbers....it's a sample worksheet! LOL!

Here I go...........again..........wish me luck! LOL!
This is the book I am using...very basic but very concise and to the point.  I'm not even sure if they publish it anymore but they should.....it should be taught in the schools!

I finished another book which was informative and interesting because it listed LOTS of famous and wonderful bloggers and their blogs.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I will be having Wonderful Wednesday's which will be similar to my Sunday Spins that I used to do.  I will be featuring the blogs from the book so you too can visit them for yourself!   
 I hope you had a great day where ever you are!  See you tomorrow!



  1. Sam, you can always squeeze so much into a day! I never seem to get as much done as you do! I hear you on the expensive meds! Hang in there - I've found it to be true that the only thing constant is CHANGE.

  2. You are such a whirlwind. I need to absorb some of that energy so I can get things done around here. You have such a positive attitude and I'm sure you will get that budget figured out. Like you, I have some expensive meds and I would be lost without my hubb's insurance.

    Take care, friend and enjoy these wonderful days of fall.


  3. I read that blogging book also. I also file my patterns the same way you do. I slide them into plastic pages.

  4. Your weather sounds lovely. Still hot here. And looks to be a bit dusty out there right now. I bought binders so I could get organized but they are still sitting empty. I have patterns and supplies all over the place. Sure would be nice to get it all in one space so I could get to it all easier. We all really do spend so much more than is necessary -- some folks in their whole lives never figure out how to budget. Good luck with it. Both those books look great. I've used the waste canvas before -- it really does remove very easily (just don't pull your stitches too tight :) Best wishes, Tammy

  5. My goodness.. you are one busy bee :)
    Keeping busy is a good way to not get mired down with problems and to keep moving forward. You've mastered that!

    It's wise for all of us to be more careful with our finances. My husband and I were just talking about that the other day.
    A penny saved, is a penny earned!

    Hope you are having a great day!


  6. I was SO happy to see you on my blog again. Was wondering where you were!! Love the new blog header btw. That blogging book seems SO interesting!! Must see of they have it here in NL and I loce Cath Kidston, you know thtat ;-)
    Hope too 'see' you soon!!


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