Saturday, September 8, 2012

The first day of Fall for me anyway! Awesome day!!!!!

We had storms go through last night and a cold front and it was in the 50's when I got up this morning. Yes!!!  Finally my kind of weather!  I got up early and the girls and I went for a 3 mile hike in the wonderfully brisk morning air.  They were pretty relaxed after that but it energized me, thank goodness!  Hmmm....looks like the front door needs to be cleaned....I see nose prints all over it!
  I came home and picked up the yard of sticks that had blown down in the storm and collected my first bucket of kindling for the coming Winter.
 Plus, I couldn't resist gathering some acorns before mowing the lawn..........
When I came in I noticed one of my African Violets is starting to bloom!  I bought it from the local Garden Club and there were no blooms when I bought it so I had no idea what color they would be.  It's going to be gorgeous with pink blooms and yellow ruffled edges!  How pretty it is...bad picture but you get the gist of it.
 I think God knew the girls and I needed this day of nature to sooth us,  blow fresh air into the house and exercise to clear the mind and renew the limbs.  In the South you get cabin fever in the Summer not the Winter! LOL!  Oh, and did I mention football was on today?  Perfect college football weather....tomorrow the NFL starts....oh yeah!
P.S.  I did NOT get the lawn mowed started right up after not having been used all Summer but I realized quickly that I had an extremely flat tire and some low ones too!  I called my Deere expert and he said he'd stop by tomorrow but I should have been moving the mower and rotating those he tells me!  Anyway, hopefully I'll only need one at about $100.00 a tire.  My car tires cost that much and they're LOTS bigger!  I guess my next mower won't be a Deere at those prices!  I hope you had a great Fall day wherever you are.  Please stop by tomorrow to see my YOP bath mat is done!  Can you believe it?  It doesn't look too bad either.  TTYS!


  1. It was 41 here this morning. The heat kicked on!

  2. Hi Sam..
    looks like you had a wonderful day!

    I think I will go for a ride up the mountain road on Mon. and get me some acorns too :)

    See ya tomorrow..

  3. Hi Sam i see the girls do look quite contented after there walk, sounds like you enjoyed it to.
    I also have to contend with wet nose prints on my front window from my dog bonnie to.
    Best wishes Julie.C


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