Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday YOP update..........

Well, here are my projects and one is done!  Ta Da!  It's not the best but it's funny, it seems right about the time I'm winding up a new project is when I finally "get it" and start knitting like I do! LOL!  You can tell my starting corner is pretty sad so maybe my idea of using great yarn should be reserved for the 2nd edition. is the good, the bad, and the ugly! LOL!
 I'm not sure I want to do another one though.  It is not fun when it gets scrunched on that circular needle  and somehow during the process I got it turned around thus the correct edging is on the back...whoa Nellie!
I like to see what I'm doing and how it's coming along but it was so tight on the circular and I was using the longest cable I had which I think was 42-46 or 40-42....anyway, there it is and despite the look it is all holding together! (So far anyway) LOL! 
Below is the double strength potholder project.  I've made 3 so far and plan on making more.  They are super easy once you get the hang of it and make a really nice THICK potholder.  I am making some coasters now and place mats would be nice in this thickness too.    I didn't put a number on how many in my project but it's one of those patterns that I will be turning to time and again.  It's a great project to watch t.v. with or when you want something brainlessly easy to work on.  Those are MY kind of projects! LOL!  The yarn I've been using for this is Peaches and Cream cotton that I buy at Walmart.  It is inexpensive and works perfectly for these and comes in a whole variety of solids and variegated.

Well..............(deep subject)...........the socks which have been "frogged" more times than I can count are back on the needles.   I am determined to become a good sock knitter if I live long enough.
Synopsis of YOP projects thus far:

Granny Stripe table runner (crochet)
3 potholders (crochet)
Bath mat (knitted)
3 dish towels (knitted)

socks (2 pair, actually...........don't laugh) (knitting)
wool applique quilt/wall hanging (wool applique)
cross stitch (I'd show you but I've misplaced it and can't find it.....oh boy!  Sad...very sad! LOL!) (cross stitch)
crocheted coaster and more potholders for gifts (crochet...ongoing...nice fill in between projects or while waiting for yarn to arrive in the mail! Ha! Ha!)

YOP's remaining:
Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan (crochet)
Everyday Edgings (crochet)
Pinata Bag (crochet)
Cherry Jam (crochet)
Little Urchin Crochet Covered Sea Stones (crochet)
Seeing Stars Blanket (crochet)
Stripey Spring Rug (crochet)
Babette Blanket (crochet)
Tornado Twister (crocheted cowl)
Situpons (crocheted chair pads)

Okay, what wrong with this list?  It's all crochet!  Didn't I say I wanted to improve my knitting skills?  Well, it's not going to happen if I don't keep knitting.  I know, the socks will keep me busy for sure but if any of you have any suggestions for skill-building knitting projects which won't send me "over the edge" I would appreciate it!   BTW....I don't use shawls or ponchos.  Hats need to be loose as I wear my hair up in a bun.  Plus, I live in the South but I guess I could start knitting for my move up North!  I'll need warm stuff there for sure!
I'm sorry I missed all of you last week!   Have a great one and Happy Fall!


  1. We all start somewhere, the important thing is that you did improve and can tackle your next project with more confidence. I'm curious though how you did the rectangle on the circulars. How big in your blanket? I'm doing a ghan now and think I bought the longest cable they had, as I tried it with my Denise's and had it nice and big and then they came apart as I was knitting. Didn't want to take the chance that would happen again so frogged and bought new needles.

  2. I think the bath mat looks great, I can't really see any issues with it, though I would suggest that if it was a picked up edging, you might have picked up the stitches on the wrong side. And for knitting projects, if you're moving up north I would suggest a cabled beret, there's some great easy projects on Ravelry for them, and they're loose enough that you can wear your hair up in them.

  3. My goodness.. you must be creating smoke with those finger flying!
    You have been so busy.
    All your YOP are turning out great!
    You are working towards your goals.

    Hope that this week is a great one for you !

  4. Wow! You have so many projects! I love all of them but I really like your bath mat - looks cosy and homemade in a nice way. Maggie xx

  5. I love your bathmat! My motto is handmade never needs to be perfectly perfect. The fact that it is handmade makes it perfect in every way. Congrats on finishing! Now if you could just get those darn socks done. Knitting is beyond me. Just couldn't figure it out. Glad to see you got lots of crochet projects lined up. I've yet to make a cowl but would like to. When you find that cross-stitch, I wanna see it. :) Thanks for your visit to my corner of the world and all your comments. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Your bathmat looks great....I know what you mean about things being scrunched up on circulars, you have no idea what it looks like until you're done.

    How about knitting yourself (or someone on your Christmas list) some arm warmers, not quite as complicated as gloves with fingers....hey, get me making a suggestion, when I haven't even made them myself....sorry!

    Have a great week!

  7. I keep doing the same thing with my circulars..somehow I get turned around and head in the wrong direction!

    Congrats on trying socks again..I am not ready!

  8. I guess that's one of the great things about socks ... I suspect my second sock is always more perfect than the first. Looks to me like it'll function beautifully as a bath mat, so why worry?

    I did a pullover a few months ago and even emailed the designer to ask why the pattern fo the slipped stitches kept ending up on the wrong side. Turns out I was doing the pattern stitch wrong. In my view the pattern instructions weren't very clear. Turns out half a dozen knitters had the same problem during the KAL. LOL!

  9. Sam, I just got caught up on your blog since I've been out of pocket for the last week. I spent Labor Day weekend with my grandkids and son and dil in GA but came home with a virus that laid me low this whole past week.

    I love those grandbabies and gladly will take a virus if it means I get to spend time with them.

    I've missed reading your blog and I'm sorry for your sadness. I hope things have worked out or at the very least, are working out.

    Congrats to you on a FO! I'm floundering around trying to get some things done for a swap and being sick this past week has put me really far behind. But I'll get there. I just have to shake myself and tell me to get up and go!

    Isn't the cooler weather wonderful? I've opened the windows again and love feeling the cooler air. I even had to put an extra quilt on the bed last night. Wonderful sleeping.

    Take care my friend.


  10. Good luck with your socks! I'm sure you can get the hang of them with everything else you're able to do. I think it's mostly mind over matter where they are concerned. You can do it!

  11. Loving the progress Sam and your doing great. I think the mat is super good and I love the pot holder. Best of luck with the socks and way to go you not letting it beat you, you can do it and become a great sock knitter. If you want to improve your knitting skills you could try knitted cloths and pot holders. This way you can vary the stitches your knitting and improve them without the hassle of a large project. I will do some more thinking as well.

  12. I posted my list of what I call the "stick to it" list, on my desktop. I just look at each it each time I have time to do my handiwork, or I get side tracked and buy more yarn. Ha ha ha ha!

  13. Bath mat looks great to me. Errors that people only notice if you tell them about it don't notice. I always end up starting socks multiple times. It's a good job there's two in every pair really. You have Babette in your list! Perfect :)

  14. don't count, not don't notice.

  15. finally figured out my commenting problem on my own page!....As for your bath mat, I think you did a great job! I too live in the south, so I don't wear hats here anymore, did when I was in Chicago...making a friend a beret that still lives there I second this option....just be sure to pick a pattern that has directions for making allowances for having a floppier beret...that should work with your hair! Have a great week!


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