Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day....I took it seriously...I've been working all weekend!

Well...first I mowed the lawn and helped my neighbor with his too.  Then I washed the mower....a season's worth of grass and dirt on that tractor and on me too since it was so dry it was like taking a dust bath to mow!
Then I went to town and bought some mums and then back to cleaning the garage and yada, yada, yada....inspired or just tired?  I took a nice long bath and fell into bed!


  1. Thanks for stopping by.. I too have the urge to get me some mums for my porch. Yours look gorgeous. HAve a great Labor day!

  2. I have one bunch of mums that are just opening up in my garden, to bad all the rest of my flowers are giving up the ghost! lol!

    As for your tomato plant, bummer! It's to stinking cold up here for the Horned Tomato Worms to stick around w/o!

  3. Well Sam you have been on a mission. Closets, lawn mowers, Tis the season or the caffeine?? Cute kitchen towels too.
    Nancy Jo


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