Monday, July 12, 2010

Perfect Sunday!!!!

I had such a nice Sunday yesterday.  I hope you did too.  Sunday's have always been my R'n'R days....standing for rest and renewal and working around the house which is actually what I love to do....strange I know, but for years I worked outside the home and now that I don't I relish my time at home.  I am trying to slot certain activities for certain days like the old dish towels, remember?  Speaking of dish towels, I need to embroider some of those to put in my kitchen.  Anyway....I got up and took a leisurely bath and used my Philosophy Amazing Grace body wash and after bath lotion..ohhhh....I LOVE that fragrance!  It is just pure fresh and clean!  I want to get the perfume or body splash and the body butter for winter but will have to budget as it is not cheap but it lasts a long time.  After that I changed the sheets on my bed and fluffed my feather bed topper.  That feather topper is one of the best investments I ever made!  When I moved here I left my mattresses in Iowa knowing there were mattresses here from my folks.  After sleeping on their mattresses I wished I had moved mine!  I really didn't want to put out the money for a new one(s) so I decided to purchase a feather topper (much cheaper) and if that didn't do it then I would go ahead and start shopping for mattresses.  Well, it worked wonders and turned my bed into a cloud that I love crawling into each night!  After about a week though you can see where my "nest" has settled so I "fluff" it weekly and that does the trick! After that I did laundry and ironed....I KNOW...some of you hate ironing but I love it!  It is like a meditation to me but I can't stand in one place for long so I only iron 10 items a week which keeps me on top of it all.  Yesterday I watched old reruns of Bonanza and Mayberry R.F.D. while I me crazy but I enjoyed it thoroughly.
 After supper there was a special on Susan Boyle....the overnight success story singer from "across the pond".   Her voice gives me shivers it is so beautiful which is a sign to me that her gift is directly from the heavens and she blesses all of us with it.  I must get her cd's!  I went to the opposite side of the spectrum after that and watched Ice Road Truckers on the History channel.....I LOVE THAT SHOW!  One of the things I wanted to be as a child was a truck driver so I could travel all over this beautiful country so this must be a throwback from  my childhood but I love it plus I love snow and Alaska and the North!  I quilted a printed mini-quilt panel while watching t.v.  I love handwork in the evening and I had my red apple candles burning and it was just a great evening in my little cozy family room.  Everyone joined in too...Patches my cat was sitting one side of me, Orphan Annie, a miniature dachsund I rescued last year was curled up near my feet and my great, wonderful, loyal companion and guard dog extraordinaire, Nitty (real name Serenity,a Rottweiler) was sprawled on the cool linoleum which she loves.  In my simple mind, my simple Sunday was just the best!
Oh, I ran across a little table mat I made (hooked wool) that I had set aside and forgot about after I finished it!  I found a place for it and another candle!  I do love my candles. did you spend YOUR Sunday?

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  1. Well, you're up and running. I hate to iron. The task that does it for me is digging in the dirt. That takes me to some primal place filled with calm.


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