Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One thing just led to another today.....

I had no intention of cleaning my oven today but when I went to pre-heat it for my eggplant parmesan I was making....well lets just say there was a lot of smoke!  I forgot that when I made chocolate cobbler the other day that it had run over the side of the dish and made a real mess in the bottom of the oven!  I feigned like Scarlett
Ohara and told myself I would deal with it in the morrow.  What could I do anyway?  I had to wait for the oven to cool off and it was nearing bedtime.  Unfortunately, come "the morrow" and I totally wiped it off my radar until today...AHHHHH!!!!!!  Smoke filled the room and immediately I realized the error of my ways.  So.....that is why this post is late and I all I have to show for my productivity is a clean oven and some clean laundry.  To make up for it I took a picture of the clean oven and also of the books I am reading.  Not too inspiring I agree but there's always tomorrow and hopefully I'll get my eggplant parmesan done so I can have some supper tonight.  Oh!  I did clean the frig also but didn't think you really wanted a picture of that too. LOL!

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