Thursday, February 23, 2017

The busy life of a retired gal!

I did not mention that Tuesday my little Annie girl had dental surgery so that was part of my "busy".  She's doing great and had blood work and her nails trimmed while she was "out".....I can't hear her 'click, click, click' across the floor now and she sneaks up on me!  She's 14 so I can't say I wasn't a little concerned but she did fine.  She has antibiotics to take twice a day but we're managing that part too and she gets a treat after she finally swallows it.  I've given meds to dogs before and I just stuff it down their throat and hold their mouth closed until they start sticking their tongue out and I know then they've swallowed it.  I don't mess with trying to hide it in a hot dog or anything.....they're too smart for that!  Mine are anyway.
  I took their beds and Annie's blanket to the laundromat yesterday.  I try to wash them monthly.  I could wash them in my washer but I don't have a working drier and they need their beds.  They're so thick that they won't dry completely outside so to the laundromat I go.

I did make something yesterday that I had never made before.....English Muffins. Katrina from Pioneer Woman at  Heart (she's listed on my side bar) made them the other day so I used the same recipe she did.  It was an all day event or part of the day at least but since I'm home all day it's not a big deal.  One thing I did not realize is that they are not all!  They're fried...lightly but they're wonder I like them so much.  They are really easy though and although I didn't get all the 'nooks and crannies' like Thomas does, I still really liked them and will make them again for sure. 
When all was said and done, I was really pleased with the result!  Thank you, Katrina, as I have been wanting to make them for a long time.  Next up.......homemade crackers!
What 'new' thing have you done or tried? 
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I missed my Monday book date!

I swear....wasn't it just Sunday?  Well, better late than never.....I haven't gotten all that much reading done but what I have has been enjoyable........I did finish this one.........I enjoyed it.  She has the most unique story lines with a little magic thrown in!  I highly recommend her books!
 I'm still reading this one...about 1 chapter a night is all I can take...there's a few interesting parts but most of it is pretty dry.......what do you expect from a guy who spends all his time in the woods?
My newest fiction that I am reading is the 3rd book in the Harry Potter series.......... I'm about 150 pages into it and it is very good as always!
 I am doing well with my goal to read The Bible all the way through.  I'm almost done with Genesis and now I know why my Mother always told me to not read the Old Testament!  Whoa Nellie!  It would be X-Rated if they made it into a movie!
I'm not currently reading any magazine or listening to an audio book other than Pastor Rick Stevens Daily Hope.    I am listening to the I Make audio podcast and my regular video podcasts of Brooklyn Knitfolk  and Inside Number 23, HueLoco and Stitching the High Notes for this regular news programs and that's about it.  I have been watching some You Tube videos for sewing and I finally watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone DVD that I got myself for Christmas.......
 It was excellent!  My only suggestion would be to watch each movie right after you read the book and before you start the next book in the series.  I found myself getting confused watching the first movie and reading the 3rd book.....I still have the 2nd movie to watch probably this weekend.
I have downloaded several books to my Kindle also which I will share as I read them.  That's all the book news for this week!  What have you been reading, listening to and watching?  I love all your recommendations so 'keep em coming'!
Happy Trails!    

Sunday, February 19, 2017

YOP Week #34

Although this was a busy week for me, I seemed to make progress on my handwork.  Most probably that is because it keeps me grounded along with prayer.  I was able to finish the leg on sock #1 of Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Leuder (a free pattern on Ravelry). 
 Did you notice the mistake design modification right beneath the end of the cuff?  Although I have had lots of troubles with this sock (all my own fault except maybe a little bit the yarn) I have learned much!  That little raised area beneath the cuff is what results from either reversing the pattern or staying true to it but executing it on the inside of the sock instead of the outside.  Not sure where my head has comments, please! LOL!  But I have realized that somehow I can turn magic tricks with my sock knitting and things get turned inside out and needles get turned around with the lead yarn in the back and then the front.....I think there might be some leprechaun involvement here too.  They start practicing their shenanigans so they will be ready for the big day!  St. Patrick's Day is less than a month away!  Anyway, I let it go and decided that I would replicate it on the 2nd sock........
and I did!  So now it truly IS a design 'feature' heard it here first folks!  What surprises me is that the picture on the pattern is a shorter version of the leg as when you do 72 rounds (18 repeats of the 4 round pattern) it is quite a lengthy leg or maybe it just seemed that way. 
I did get the 3rd leg of the giraffe done but still need to do the foot/hoof and 1 more leg!  I hope I have enough yellow yarn....we shall see!  That is all I have left of the yellow.
Not much done on the 2nd of 5 blocks for the Frida basket but it's a start and sometimes that is all you need to move ahead..........
 This is actually called Frida's Flowers Project Bag and it is a free pattern I got on Crafternoon's website.  I need to update my Ravelry page too!  So sorry for those who wanted to know.  Here is the link to the tutorial
As for stash yarn but a couple of I need more! LOL!  But I actually totally missed Valentine's Day although I will still probably send something....the grands are getting used to their wacky grandmother and the fact that I persist in celebrating Christmas every least the meaning of it although I may be taking it farther as I still have some decorations floating around here....I have an issue with 'letting go'!  I printed off this free pattern from Susan B. cute!  Little knitted and felted wool hearts but I need the wool in all those colors too!  Oh yeah...any excuse to buy fiber and Susan has her own yarn company now.....Barrett Wool Co. and I'm pretty sure I need to try some.....
Then she came out with another pattern which would be perfect to slip into Easter baskets or little pockets or a project bag just for inspiration...........these little itsy bitsy sheep!  Darling!  This is a 'pay for' pattern but it is on sale (last day is today, I think) for $5.00 and it includes 7, I kid you not, 7 videos showing every step of making them by Susan herself.....for $5.00.....what a deal!  I couldn't resist even at the regular price of $7.00 it's a bargain!  Her classes are way more than that!
As for pod casts and other tidbits relating to the fiber and crafty universe........I found a wonderful podcast from a gal on Guernsey Island (did you read that wonderful historical fiction book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society?  Same place......)  and she explores all kinds of crafts and handwork and she is awesome!  Her voice, her projects, her descriptions (it is an audio podcast) and her show notes and pictures are wonderful and so is the link....I Make
Her name is Martine Ellis and she can be found on Ravelry under I Make.....such a great gal and such a great podcast.  I was getting a little bit tired of all the knitting pod casts...don't get me wrong, I love them but I, like other "craftsy" people do not just knit....I have a zillion other interests and evidently Martine felt the same way.....she found a niche that was not being served and hopefully there will be more people that will start doing pod casts for all kinds of miscellaneous crafts and handwork.  Thank you, happy I found you!
I also found through S.B.A. ...........Spin Cycle Yarns
Their yarn looks like hand spun!  They are out  of Portland, Oregon and although pricey to me... $32.00 a skein...they have 2nds!  Yes, for like half the price and they don't sound bad at all....I may give their 2nds a try but if you can afford it their yarns are absolutely beautiful.  Sometimes I think it would be worth starting a video podcast just for all the free stuff they get! LOL!
Well, I have droned on for long enough and I am sure you are yawning by now.....I apologize but I had so much to share!
Have a wonderful crafty, happy and homemade week!
Happy Trails!