Monday, July 3, 2017

It's Monday! What are you reading watching or listening to?

 It's been awhile since I posted about this topic so since I've finished a few books and watched a few shows I thought I would update you!
I finished So Big.....another Pulitzer Prize Winner (they're making a liar out of me).  This was written back in the 40's, I think, by Edna Ferber, a famous authoress back then.  When I was very 20's with a family, I saw a 1950's version of the movie starring Jane Wyman and the most distinctive quote from the movie that I remembered was 'some people are emeralds and some people are cabbages'.  Not sure what I took away from that but it was a movie I dearly loved and have never seen it since.  The book was a bit different from the movie but in thinking back on the film there was much that related to me and my life in later years.  I didn't realize when I watched it but  some of those same themes appeared in my life.  Has this ever happened to you?  It's a Wonderful Life was also a common thread in my life.  So, did the movies subconsciously affect how I lived my life or were they a 'review of coming attractions'...a 'heads up' or hint as to what my future would be?  Maybe someday I'll know the answers to those questions.
By the way, I highly recommend the book but I could be prejudiced.......  **** stars
  By the Iowa Sea was an extremely well written book but the content was despicable!  This book was so bad I literally threw it out when I was finished....yes, in the garbage!  I have never done that in my life!
I lived and worked in that area during the flooding and thought it was a memoir about the people and the floods and although there were many familiar references and some facts about the floods, the majority of the book focused on his sex life!  Both his and his wife's sex life and an affair he was having and it was very graphic in places.  I always finish a book but I had a hard time with this one....depressing, TMI and really left a bad taste in my mouth!  * star and that is only because despite it all I think he is a good writer but he needs to change his genre for sure! 
 My latest finish was The Alchemist which has been touted all over the world and translated into a zillion languages but alas...I did not find it that interesting.  It's about finding your purpose in life and ensuring that you do not waver from it.  I think this would be a great book for someone younger but for me at my stage in life....I've either found it or I've stopped searching! LOL!  Either way I am very content with my life right now.  *** stars 
 As for my current reads.............
AMAZON STATES: "From the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr, the beautiful, stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II."

I just started this Non-Fiction last night and it seems interesting and well written right off the bat!
Amazon States:
"The term fisherwoman does not exactly roll trippingly off the tongue, and Linda Greenlaw, the world's only female swordfish boat captain, isn't flattered when people insist on calling her one. "I am a woman. I am a fisherman. . . . I am not a fisherwoman, fisherlady, or fishergirl. If anything else, I am a thirty-seven-year-old tomboy. It's a word I have never outgrown."
Greenlaw also happens to be one of the most successful fishermen in the Grand Banks commercial fleet, though until the publication of Sebastian Junger's The Perfect Storm, "nobody cared." Greenlaw's boat, the Hannah Boden, was the sister ship to the doomed Andrea Gail, which disappeared in the mother of all storms in 1991 and became the focus of Junger's book.
The Hungry Ocean, Greenlaw's account of a monthlong swordfishing trip over 1,000 nautical miles out to sea, tells the story of what happens when things go right--proving, in the process, that every successful voyage is a study in narrowly averted disaster. There is the weather, the constant danger of mechanical failure, the perils of controlling five sleep-, women-, and booze-deprived young fishermen in close quarters, not to mention the threat of a bad fishing run: "If we don't catch fish, we don't get paid, period. In short, there is no labor union."
As for a magazine, this is a 2004 issue of NG on Global Warming..........interesting since that was 13 years ago!  Hoax........I don't think so.........good bye planet earth...........
 Now for the video portion of this post............I have watched this movie on Netflix that came highly recommended by one of my favorite pod casters, Joyce of Ruby Moss Cottage.  To be honest...I didn't care for it much.  It seemed to be the same old story of women being taken advantage of by the men in their lives and then  "standing by their man" regardless.  I have stated before on my blog that to me martyrdom is not an attractive feature, I don't admire people that allow themselves to be walked on nor people that pride themselves on being 'victims' and that is what came across to me.  I did not enjoy it nor did it make me feel good about these women and for some, their 'self-imposed' suffering.  I could be all wrong but I do look at life differently than many women.  Now it makes me wonder why this is Joyce's favorite movie?
“Intensely thoughtful . . . In Grasse, a small town outside Bakersfield, the women meet weekly for a quilting circle, piecing together scraps of their husbands’ old workshirts, children’s ragged blankets, and kitchen curtains. . . . Like the richly colored, well-placed shreds that make up the substance of an American quilt, details serve to expand and illuminate these characters. . . . The book spans half a century and addresses not only [these women’s] histories but also their children’s, their lovers’, their country’s, and in the process, their gender’s.”San Francisco Chronicle
 I just started watching this series on Netflix.......I watched the 2nd episode last night and it is very good.  I do have a hard time sometimes understanding the fast talking English accent but it certainly keeps my interest, so much so that I do not do any handwork while watching which is very unusual for me!  Now this is a woman I can get behind!  Strong and stable and she has certainly proven it over her years of reign!  I highly recommend this series.
"Based on an award-winning play ("The Audience") by showrunner Peter Morgan, this lavish, Netflix-original drama chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) from the 1940s to modern times. The series begins with an inside look at the early reign of the queen, who ascended the throne at age 25 after the death of her father, King George VI. As the decades pass, personal intrigues, romances, and political rivalries are revealed that played a big role in events that shaped the later years of the 20th century."
The last show I have been watching, but which I will most probably stop, is Life Below Zero about people living in remote parts of Alaska.  I love shows about snow, the wilderness and living off the land and simple living. 
 Unfortunately, you would think it would be survival but also peaceful but I cannot believe the swearing and temper tantrums!  I guess this is what the reality shows go for regardless....drama, tension and a distortion of reality.  It's sad that evidently the vast majority want to see other people in dire straits and bad moods and filled with anger and frustration.  I guess I'll just have to live my own little happy life and feel bad for the rest of society that feels life isn't worth living if they can't watch violence and that all they can relate to?  It makes me very sad to think that way but what else is on t.v.?  Even the news and the weather are sensationalized.  Oh well...."the times they are a changin"!  
I hope you are in a 'good place' today and at peace with yourself and those around you and please share what you are reading, listening to and watching!
Happy Trails!
P.S.  The 'grands' arrive today so I will try to blog but not sure if I will get an opportunity....we shall see 'how they roll'! LOL!


  1. Great reviews Sam :) I don't know where you find time to read all of these books, do your crafts, cook, take care of the household and watch tv series!! :) I'm glad to read it though. :) We've been watching a tv series called Taboo. It's a British series that takes place at the turn of the century-ish and it's really interesting. Corruption in business with a twist of occult. I like that! Plus the main actor is Tom Hardy, he's really good. We downloaded it, not sure if it's on Netflix yet though, it's BBC I think.

    Otherwise, I'm reading my Groucho Marx autobiography, very funny. Now that the weather is nice, I'm out on the porch as much as possible!

    1. Well, we only get so many hours in a day and I sure don't want to waste them! LOL! I'm always amazed at you and all the cooking you get done and your garden is just fabulous! Hugs~ Sam

    2. P.S. Thanks for the recommendations....Taboo sounds good and my daughter is here so she would probably like that too! We like a little 'occult' every once in awhile! LOL!

  2. How exciting for you that your grandsons are comin'! The ocean one sounds good; fishermen are so brave. The Crown is a series I want to watch but I want to finish Gilmore Girls first.

    1. I have not finished Gilmore Girls either...I think I like to savor it but I must admit binge watching is definitely my style! The grands got here safely yesterday dodging storms along the way. They are so tall!!! But still darn cute and tomorrow is Sam's birthday....he will be 10 years old....where did that time go? I look at your girls and I think the same thing....they were just little a short time ago! Happy 4th!!!

  3. The Crown is a wonderful series and the actress who plays the young queen is brilliant and lovely. I watched it all. And remember, it may be that global cooling occurs, as was predicted in the 1970s. There was a cover article in Time magazine about the dangers of global cooling :)

    1. I too love the actress that plays Elizabeth! She's been in some other British shows I've watched and I always love her. She's outdone herself in this one! I would prefer global cooling to global warming any day!

  4. You always do such good book reviews! But life is too short to keep reading a dumb book! lol There are so many great ones and not enough time for all of them. I'm reading a mystery by Charles's old and old fashioned. Just what I like! We were going to watch Grantchester last night but forgot. haha! So we'll try to watch it online. It's the second show of this new season...I think! Have fun with your family. You can visit us when they leave! Hugs!

    1. I think I might have watched some episodes of Grantchester and I liked it. I'll write that one down....thank you! I never like to give up on people or just never know when they might 'turn things around' and become great....or not. LOL!

  5. You actually threw a book away...I have been tempted some times.
    I like the American Quilt Movie...I looked at it more as women helping women...and it takes all kind of women to make the world go round!
    I hope you have a great time with your company!!

  6. That's a good way to look at it too, and you are so takes all kinds!


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