Thursday, July 6, 2017

Treasures from Iowa!

The Iowa gang arrived and brought me presents!  I was not expecting anything but they said they were for my birthday and Mother's Day so we'll roll with was like Christmas!
First my daughter made chocolate chip cookies.........they're going fast but it was so nice because I didn't get a chance to make a dessert.........
then there were her candied lemon daughter and I are both big lemon/citrus lovers.........
and just in case that wasn't enough....she got me a box of lemon Girl Scout cookies!

My SIL is a great baker and he made me a loaf of herb bread with flax and chia seed....delicious and healthy too........
 Disclaimer:  being from Iowa we are all pork lovers so if you are not into pork....look away......but if you are into pork.....go to your nearest Walgreen's and get some of will not regret it!  In my book....bacon is King or Queen...either way it reigns supreme in my house.......I try to limit myself to once a week except in the summer when, of course, there are BLT's (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches) but for those in between times when you don't want to get the pan out and fry some up......reach for a package of this...........out of this world Bacon Jerky!  I thought I died and went to heaven when I first tasted this awesome wonderfulness!
Now that the food gifts are done I'll move on to the non-perishable treasures............this cute little bag held several of them.............
like this purple mercury glass jack 'o' lantern that holds a votive candle........we are also big Halloween fans..........
this cute little scarf which I will most probably tie around my neck while eating my bacon jerky.....
I might save this Burt's Bee's lip balm for cold Winter nights...........
but here's a Summer time version..... orange dreamsicle
I have solar butterflies that stick in the ground and now I have solar butterfly lights too.....I can't wait to try these out! 
Okay, the grands were so excited for me to open this present and their Mother had to keep reminding them not to 'spoil the surprise' as they wanted to tell me the minute they arrived! LOL!  Of course, now they are picking their projects for Grandma to make for them which is fine with me!  Such a cute kit!  LOVE!!!!  They knew exactly what their Grandma would love.........
Another awesome present and last but in no way least is a beautiful quilt rack that my SIL got for me at a is just gorgeous and in perfect shape!  My family is so good to me and they make me feel like a very special Mom and Grandma!
Happy Trails!


  1. That is so thoughtful of all those gifts they brought you. Glad you had fun and that they were so good to you.

  2. How nice! What wonderful surprises...each one just perfect for you! Love the woodland crochet and that quilt rack! You're having fun this week...I just know! Hugs to you all, Diane

  3. Oooh gifts!!! So much fun :) I LOVE THAT SCARF and you made me laugh when you said you'd wear it while eating the jerky hee hee...I love bacon too, we eat it several times a week. Dip a slice in pure maple syrup and I'm in heaven! :)

  4. They know you so well; that's so sweet. The edibles look so good! That loaf of bread is beautiful and the cookies! Yummy. I love jerky too. I don't mind eating more vegetables than meat but I will always eat meat. The crochet kit is fun and I bet they'll fight over who gets what. The jack-o-lantern is spooky and a great gift for Maleficent.

  5. What fun!! Nice to get surprises especially when the kids are in on them! :)

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