Friday, June 30, 2017

How can you be tired on steroids?

I wonder if I got some 'duds' in my pill bottle as I have been exhausted!  Yawning and really having to push myself but managing bit by bit to get prepped for company.
Tuesday was laundry, cooking and baking.....
 AFTER: Split Pea Soup with ham
 BEFORE: bread dough rising
 AFTER:  Bread..........
I still have a salad and dessert to make but I had to postpone as Wednesday was the last 'cool' day before the 90's and humidity were to arrive..well, actually Thursday too but I knew I had to go to Walmart Thursday because it was going to storm today....and it did!
 Wednesday I spent the morning weeding as there are 'burr' plants that I don't want the boys to get into and then I had to spray for all the poisonous plants in my yard;  ivy, oak, name it I've got it!  It's better than last year though.....finally getting a handle on it I hope.  Thursday was Walmart 'very big shopping' as those grand boys are growing and they eat all day long and they have hollow legs! LOL!     The larder is full!                                
 and the freezer too.......I only eat 2 meals a day usually but these boys eat 3 squares and healthy snacks in between! LOL!
There's food everywhere!  I washed the produce up today.........
I'll show you what I've been working on in the evenings and on my breaks as this Sunday will be the new YOP year so it will be plans probably and not projects and I'm not even sure if I'll be ready for that.  It may have to wait until after my guests leave.  Anyway.....I've been enjoying these handwork projects.............I know, I was going to save the leg knitting until my company came but I just can't keep my paws off a pair of socks and this is the 2nd of the pair..............great mindless t.v. knitting too...
I am really enjoying this cross stitch after 'lo so many years'.............and making some progress too.....
And last but not least for, it is not a knitted piece of does look like one though doesn't it?  It's Maker's Haven yarn and Maker's Haven free  star ornament  pattern on Ravelry with beads!  Can you see them down the middle?  I watched a You Tube video which made it easy to learn how and it is fun so far............that is only 1/2 of 10 star points needed to make the star and as usual I am way behind in the "ornament a month (12 total) for the Ornament Make Along hosted by Amber at  Maker's Haven and Molly of The Homespun House......great inspiration by all!  
So, it's supper time and then jammie time and then kick back on my bed and watch t.v. time and put my feet up and work on some crafty goodness!  Tomorrow is cleaning, Sunday will be cooking and Monday will hopefully be getting their presents wrapped if they arrive too.  We're praying the weather holds for their trip down through Iowa, Missouri and's a long drive and there will be lots of people traveling for the holiday.....I pray mostly for their safety and everyone else's who is traveling this holiday weekend.
Happy Trails!


  1. Man your split pea soup looks so good! And that bread is pretty. Your frig is stuffed like mine. Wow, you sure know how to pack your freezer. I bought a few "emergency food" items today at Costco. I always forget to take out meat.

    1. Thank you Stefanie...the soup is really good. I feel bad having so much food when there are people who are hungry but then knowing those boys they will make short work of it and they are as skinny as rails! LOL! I used up the ham bone in the soup to make room as I usually don't make hot soup this time of year! LOL! It's difficult to find things though and get them out when it's that full but they will be here for over a week and I try NOT to have to go to the store while they're here.

  2. Hi Sam :)

    I don't know how you can be tired on steroids, but maybe you need to slow down a little! I know I need to, even though I'm not doing much these days lol...Your soup and bread look so good!! My fridge and freezer are busting at the seams, I did my big shopping this week too, because I also wanted to beat the pending humidity! :)

    Your stitch project looks like fun. I used to cross stitch, I'd love to get back into that, maybe this winter, should be easy on the hands!

    1. I don't know either but I feel better today. I had a terrible dream the night before (have no idea why....does our subconscious process things while we sleep getting rid of any and all negativity?) I'm thinking maybe I didn't sleep as well as I thought. I have to get over and see what people are up to! I miss your posts it's just when I take a break I try to put my feet up too as that is where my infection is.....this getting old is truly an I have to go see a podiatrist...evidently, I'm not alone as it won't be until July 21 until I can get in to see him.
      I'm enjoying the cross stitch as it is an easy project. Hope to see you over on your blog soon!

  3. Oh my. That soup looks delicious. I would love it if you could share that bread recipe. It looks better than the one I am using. Pretty please? Or share the source? I finally have a load of time to do handiwork last night. I hope to get more done this holiday weekend. We are not going anywhere. Too hot to camp, and we are pretty much on a budget anyway. Love seeing your projects.

    1. No problem about the reicpe.....but I have company coming so please be patient! LOL! It's a cookbook called Apple and Jam. I am trying to get ready for company but I have gotten behind because of illness....I'm still going strong though! LOL! It is hot now here too.

  4. Steroids have all kinds of side effects and everyone's body is different. Hope you get some relief for your foot problem. Enjoy your company!

  5. Yes, Adventures in Aging continues! LOL! I just tell myself, as could be worse...much, much worse!

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