Sunday, June 25, 2017

YOP Week #52

When it rains it pours.....figuratively and literally!  My RA flare is finally calming down.  I was able to get to the doctor and back before Cindy made her appearance here and after 2 trips to Mountain Home in one week and another appointment tomorrow I was behind in more than just YOP! 
 This looked like a rain wrapped tornado but no damage here except chairs blown over............
 I can't take my regular RA meds because I have an infection so I'm on steroids!  YES!!!!  I love steroids and they are my drug of choice as I need less sleep and have all kinds of energy and get things done....depending on the dosage, of course.  These are 'just right', sleeping good, energy and a bigger appetite but I have to eat anyway to take the pills.  I also have the 'grands' coming next week so it is a very hectic time here on the homestead! Thus the reason I have not blogged.....I needed clean clothes, food, groceries, lawn work done but wait there's more!
   I am finally catching up....I think.......... I am feeling so good about everything regardless and it gives me a renewed sense of confidence that I CAN do it all!  (That may be the steroids talking though).

This is the last post for YOP 2016-2017 as next Sunday starts a new YOP year!  So, this is the 'roundup post' in which we post about what we accomplished versus what our original list looked like at the beginning of our last YOP year.  This is usually a very disappointing day for me yet I look forward to a fresh start to get things done next year!  (yeah right).  Let's face it....I am slow and I like it that way.  I like taking my time and not rushing but still making progress.   So, here are my finished items from this year...not very impressive but I learned some things about myself....I really need to do more selfish crafting.  I know, it sounds bad but I can't stay motivated or enthused about my crafts if I have nothing personal to show for it and there just are not that many 'craft worthy' people out there!  There, I've said it! LOL! 
 Finished Items:
 Crocheted Corner-to-Corner pet blanket (baby size)
 Knitted  Halloween Creepy Cloths  - Ghost cloth, Witch cloth, and Spider cloth 
 Crocheted Giant Granny Square Blanket
 Bob Ross Cross Stitch
 My first Socks
 Hermione's Everyday Socks  

There are many WIPs (Works in Progress) that are so close to being done but they have been for over a year now!  I won't list them all've seen them and I'm sure you are sick of seeing them but one day.....I will surprise you and they will show up some Sunday....unannounced as a finished object!  Just you wait and see! As for what I worked on since I last blogged...I finished sock #1 of my Christmas Eve cast on and have the cuff done for sock #2.  I may leave them alone now until the grands get here so I have something 'mindless' to knit while they are here (if and when we get a chance to sit!)
I also have knit the entire body (minus the stuffing) of Uriah's giraffe...........
I've been ordering supplies for this next YOP year to get started..........

Hopefully, there will be more sewing and quilting as I think it is faster and will make me at least feel like I am getting more done but when I relax in the evening I will definitely be curled up with some needles or hooks!
My own projects and projects/gifts for others will be scaled down...size wise at least...another insight into my desire to accomplish more with less..less time, less money and less energy.  These are little quilts and there will be mug rugs and littler items for gifting like hats and mittens etc.
 Another bit of wisdom I grew up with and try to put into action is the saying, "Use it up, make it do, throw it out or buy it new." 
 To that purpose I am gathering up supplies that I already have and trying to utilize them when at all possible and only purchasing to augment or complete a project.  Now, that won't account for my monthly allowance that I give myself....oh no, that will remain in my budget and is for books, material, yarn etc. or whatever my little  heart desires...within reason and within my budget.  

I made a list of every area that needs work or attention (not counting daily chores) and there are 30 for each day of the month!  These areas encompass everything not just crafts.  It seems I have an 'issue' with finishing things (not starting.....I can start all kinds of  projects!) I wrote the area and then what I  need to finish before I can start anything else in that area and also what I want to start. It is like a carrot dangling in front of me and motivating me to finish one project so I can start the next. Also, I noticed that many times by the time I am tired and ready to relax and work on a project I don't have all the supplies and/or tools I need and I am too tired to go looking or gathering.  To that end I am making up 'kits' for the next 'start' project so when I finish one I can go right to the next one and it will have everything I need in a bag ready to go!  No searching, no needing to order something and will all be 'in the bag'!  (P.S. Did you know you can buy Jumbo 2.5 gallon Hefty zippered plastic bags?   Not every store carries them but if you find them grab 'em...they're wonderful for corralling all your supplies.  As you can see this bag holds that full size book with plenty of room to spare!)

 I am also making sure that I have more than 1 or 2 'mindless' projects that I can work on wherever and whenever.....just in case.  One excellent project is a hexie project I will be working on 'long term'.  Hexies are easy, mindless, addicting, use up the tiniest bits of fabric and are easy to transport.  They also make some of the most beautiful items.  So, yes, I am making hexies!
  I hope I didn't bore you with all my 'round up' and planning for next YOP year but I wanted to share with you in order that it might help you in your planning for YOP 2017-18.....the 'funnest' time of the year!   
Happy Trails!
P.S.  I apologize to my blogging friends for not having been by lately but it really has been quite crazy here and will get crazier before it's over!  Tomorrow I go to Mountain Home again which is really an all day trip and tiring so nothing gets done here at home.  Please forgive me if I do not get over to see you....I will try but it may be the middle of July before things settle down here!  Meanwhile, I hope you are all well and enjoying your Summer!


  1. Hi Sam! :)) I'm so glad you're feeling better. Steroid Super Woman!!! :) I used to get cortisone shots in my ankle when I had some trouble with it, and it was like magick, I LOVED it. I'm glad you have something that works for you.

    You have so much on the go. I love your attitude that you enjoy doing things slowly. I'm like that too. I used to rush rush rush, but it's not worth it, all it does is give me shattered nerves and worse lol...

    Your bullet journal looks so great!!!

  2. Girl, no need to explain. Do what you gotta go. Man, you are one tough cookie, takin' care of business. That sky looked beautiful but sinister at the same time. Glad you're okay and safe and warm. I walked through Michael's new aisle of bullet journaling gear yeseterday and I thought of you.

    1. And thank you for all of your sweet comments. LOL, I'm comin' back and am already prepping my post!

  3. Sandra my dear. There has to be a way we can contact each other other than thru our blogs. My email is If you go there and leave your email, that would be great. Then I can give you my phone #. Don't want to make it public lol.

    I am in love with your journaling. When my 365 hapoy journal is done, I might try my hand at journaling like you do. Pinterest has tons of ideas.

    I totally get the idea of not starting multiple craft items without finishing others up. You must have been looking over my shoulder as I was making my year 7 list lol.

    Glad the steroids are working for you. Hope yourinfextion goes away so you can get back on your RA meds.

    Enjoy your geands while they are there. Can't wait to see photos to see how much they have grown. But keep thay nasty weather away while they are there.

  4. Oh my giddy aunts, just reading your posts make me want to sit down. You do so much and battle the battles. You say you are disappointed but you have accomplished so much this year, as you do every year. I love reading your posts each week to see what you are up to now. You should definitely continue at your own speed, and definitely do more selfish crafting. I literally cannot wait to see your giraffe finished and by the way - my house is totally unloved, has been for year's, more knitting time that way!

  5. I am glad your meds are helping and I hope you and your RA can come to a truce soon! I love all the quilting pictures. It reminds me of my aunt and grandmother. I have greatly appreciated your comments and support over my first year of Yopping. I look forward to our continued blogging and crafting relationship next year.

  6. Organizing all your supplies for each project in Ziplocs is an awesome idea! I have little cotton drawstring bags that I use to keep my socks organized.

    Those hexies look tiny. And your edges look nice and crisp, so that's some pretty fine fabric. I absolutely adore charm quilts so I'm looking forward to seeing that project come along!

    As for "start-itis" I think we all have it. It's only for want of the needles that I finish anything!

  7. You're sick? Even with steroids I can't believe how much you're getting done. Lady, you put me to shame. I so enjoyed reading about all of your projects and catching up with you today. I do hope you take it a bit easier and take time to smell the roses. Ha ha! I do hope you're feeling better very soon and that it's not "just the steroids talking".
    Blessings, Betsy

  8. Wow! You are getting so much done. I am not, ha ha! Maybe I need to take a few breaks on the porch and get some handiwork done?

  9. You are one of my personal inspirations, Sandra. I think you do a lot of creative stuff, but more importantly your projects challenge me to think in different ways. In this post, the idea of always having a simple project ongoing, and you choosing hexis has gotten my gears to turning. I dare say I always come away from your blog thinking differently about SOMEthing. At a minimum you always make me smile. Enjoy the grands! I look forward to "seeing" you when you have more time available. :)

  10. Enjoy your Grands! You always have many projects going too I think it depends on my mood what I choose to work on :)

  11. I'm so glad the steroids are working for you Sam and hopefully your RA will settle soon. I like your pace Sam it gets so much done and your blog always has something interesting to read. Love the hints and tip you have going on throughout your wrap up post, gives me lots of ideas for next year to help me get back on the wagon. I hope you enjoy your grands and I'm looking forward to chatting more when you have the time.


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