Saturday, April 15, 2017

Double duty here I go!

Yes, my workload has doubled for sure and my life in AR revolves around the weather.  I tried to get Easter "projects" done but it didn't matter how I "focused" on it.  Sometimes I think "the hurrieder I go the behinder I get"!  LOL!  So, I will take my time.  Plus, I had to attend to my own chores or there would be no clean clothes or food to eat.   
Yesterday was Walmart and today I cleaned up the house and went outside to work.  I picked up some flowers at Wally World to brighten up my little corner of the world...............
I took down my fairy lights as they were "done"....they lasted about 6 months so now I need more.  I like them as they don't attract the bugs as the porch light does when I let the "girls" out at night.  I also washed the storm door glass inside and out and scrubbed the bench but it needs a new paint job!  One summer in the sun here and everything needs paint!
 I brought my ivy out too but I hope it's not too much for it.  It gets the morning sun.   It shouldn't be too hot was 81 F and there's rain predicted for Easter Sunday and Monday but I have no idea where it's coming from as I see nothing to the West at all....maybe from the South?  Louisiana has some rain but usually if it comes from the South or East it can be a humdinger! LOL!
 I also weeded and  'fed' my clematis which are in pots on both sides of my garage door.  I need to get some fresh cedar mulch too as they like their roots cool and that is not an easy feat here in the South in a container but they made it, obviously,  so I am very happy!  Despite the cedar mulch which is supposed to deter bugs....I have ants in this one.  Does anyone know if they will hurt the plant?
 I love the dark purple clematis but they get bleached out with the sun.....just look at my pots which used to be a much darker green!  It's a Southern exposure........
Well, I'm in for the night now and I am going to make Hot Cross're supposed to make them on Good Friday but you know me...."a day late and a dollar short"! LOL!
What do you have planned for this weekend?
Happy Trails!


  1. What a cute corner of plants. You have a great green thumb.

    1. Thank you Stefanie....they're new so they look good....we shall see as the summer heat rolls in here! LOL!

  2. Oh, the colors are beautiful. I wish I could put potted flowers out, but we can't until after Mother's Day.

    1. Funny you should say that as the kids always bought me potted geraniums for Mother's Day because that is what I would put on my front porch up North. I cannot sit out front here nor do I want to but I think I will make a little space in the back so I can go out and have coffee but here I have to get dressed first! LOL! On the farm I could sit on my porch in my pj's and no one could see me.....I miss that. We never planted much until Memorial Day weekend except potatoes and cold weather crops and we had the long weekend to do it! I can remember even planting in the rain and my boots would get heavy with all the mud! LOL! But I worked outside the home so I only had the weekends to get it done. Happy Easter!

  3. aww the colors are so beautiful..i love them so much.
    sending you love and hugs
    happy easter x

  4. Happy Easter Sam! :)) Your flowers are so gorgeous! I wish I had some in the house today, but our weather is lousy and I don't feel like going out until I have to. I love that mushroom! And the planters and the have such a sweet style!!! It's all very beautiful! :)

    I had big plans for hot cross buns too...but the weather was way too nice Friday and Saturday to be inside! Today...the thrill is over ha ha! It's pouring rain today so we're going to watch some movies in bed and munch on Easter chocolate, then a big chicken dinner...tomorrow the sun will be back, so it's back to porch life while I finish looking through the flyers for my big shopping day!

  5. Your flowers look great! One day at a time, you are only one person! There is always next Easter for your cute gifts! Send them money for DQ and call it good! :)

  6. Ants can be good or bad, I don't like them so I would get some Terro and kill the buggers:)


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