Sunday, September 11, 2016

YOP Week #11

What a busy week here.  The temperature went down from the 90's to the 80's and I took advantage of it but now I am exhausted.  So, today really is a day of rest.  I did manage to work on a few things in the evenings when I had to put my legs up or they would have fallen off! LOL!  So sorry I haven't been out here blogging or reading either but I wait all summer for this weather and I have to "make hay while the sun shines"!
You'll never guess...I ran out of yarn again on my Giant Granny...of course, the project I love the most right now.  But I ordered more yarn from Love Knitting which is a new to me website.  The shipping is $4.95 and they have a great selection.  I don't know if they are in the U.S. or the U.K. as they carried many U.K. yarns but reviews were great and service was really impressive most stated.  The URL has US in it so maybe they are here in the states? We shall see!  They also have another site Love Crochet
I think I got 10 rounds done on my Giant Granny this week before I ran out of yarn........I'm on round 48 of 64 not counting the border edging.  L O V E!  Favorite project so far this year!
I am back working on my socks and hope to finish them this week.  I just finished the heel flap on both of them.
  I really like doing 2 concurrently because when I'm done I will actually have a pair (as in 2) finished socks!  No 2nd sock syndrome.
I have 2 of the 3 washcloths finished for the grands for Halloween........the ghost which you saw last week........
and now the witch.............
and I have cast on the spider............I like the results but I was a little disappointed in Knit Picks Dishie cotton worsted that I used.  On the ghost above his head you can see a gray mark.  This was in the yarn itself but then when I did the witch, see the loop on the very bottom row to the right?  That was a knot evidently where they connected more yarn?  Both are very noticeable and I'm not that picky but I make enough mistakes myself without the yarn goofing up! LOL!
I have not touched my Multnomah shawl but hopefully I will get back to it after I finish the socks and cloths this week.  I also need to work on joining the Maybelle Flower squares but I have to learn the Join As You Go method for it so I need a time when I can concentrate without interruption or being tired. (You wouldn't believe how my girls interrupt me all the time and when am I not tired?) 
I did a lot of cooking this week as I had items that needed to be used up and then I mowed Friday and that really exhausted me and I have a riding mower!  Getting old is very tiring evidently.
In the evenings I have spent time listening to podcasts.  Knitting Pipeline which is really good and full of lots of wonderful tips and knitting content.  It is an audio podcast and I have lots of catching up to do on it.  Susan Anderson recommended her and she was so right!  The other podcast is The Bakery Bears which is fun and has so much more than knitting in it!  I am finally into 2016 on their podcasts and I hope to catch up before too long.   I hope you had a great week and that Fall has arrived where you are!
Happy Trails!


  1. Hi Sandra! As usual you've been very busy. You almost have me convinced to start a giant granny to use a bunch of mitten leftovers. Almost. I love all of your projects and I thank you for the new podcast referral. There are SO many of them. When I'm at the lake I can't watch any because of internet limits, but boy oh boy, when I'm home I go to town. :-)

  2. Well your washcloths are cute as can be, Sam, but I can appreciate your disappointment in the flaws in the yarn. I hope you get your yarn soon and can finish the giant granny. I do love the multicolored granny blankets. And you're inspiring me to get back to my second Spice of Life blanket. This will be the week. Maybe...

  3. The washcloths are fun. I like their Halloween spirit. This green is lovely for a shawl. Thank you for your Goodreads recommendations. I need to check them out.

  4. Super cute washcloths. I think they are a clever way to try new stitches and designs. Always amazed at the neat pictures people are able to do since my head doesn't work that way.

  5. Love the Halloween washclothes. It is so frustrating to have a knot in a skein - one of my definite pet peeves.

  6. Love the Halloween washclothes. It is so frustrating to have a knot in a skein - one of my definite pet peeves.

  7. Lovely bug granny square, I can see why you like it so much, very cheerful. Washcloths are so much fun too. You do have a cheery heart to come up with all these projects.

    1. Please pardon my spelling mistake above *big* not bug. My typing fingers can't keep up with my brain sometimes.

  8. Wow, you've been busy! I love the color of your socks. They are so pretty. Your washcloths look good too. I know it is annoying when there are any mistakes but when you didn't do it it is even worse.

  9. Your washcloths are gorgeous, I love the designs. And your socks are looking great, I like to do them both at the same time too.

  10. Your washcloths are gorgeous, I love the designs. And your socks are looking great, I like to do them both at the same time too.


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