Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall....where are you?

Okay, so I know it's not officially Fall but I am so ready!  I went to Walmart yesterday and got "supplies" and a few some Indian corn to put on the front door and some gourds..........for a bowl inside..............
 and Honeycrisp apples which I have never had but I've heard they're really good.  Even the check out gal said "it's the only apple I'll eat anymore".   I had one last night and I think I agree with apple I've ever tasted!  Sweet, yet tangy, crisp and reminds me of the apples we used to get before they started growing them for "shipping" which were tasteless.  I really stopped buying much fruit because it had no flavor and so many times they weren't ripe or had been frozen.
I was pretty "tuckered" after shopping and unloading and putting everything away and by then it was almost supper time so I "kicked back" and did some handwork...........hopefully this will be done by Sunday for Year of Projects post.............this is the "spooky spider" for Sam.............
My yarn didn't come yet and I needed something fairly "mindless" for watching T.V. so I had been wanting to start a Cozy Memory blanket that has been on Ravelry 
and it seems every podcast I watch is working on one or multiples.  Most are using leftover sock yarn and I don't have that much sock yarn  but I do have a LOT of old acrylic worsted weight so I went up a needle size  as the pattern was for DK weight and I am off and knitting!  Yes, I know...another project but I am needing to use what I have as the yarn budget is on hold until next month! LOL!
I also picked up these nifty little shoelaces that require no tying and one size fits all shoes.....we shall see as Miss Peeps has destroyed several pairs of shoelaces....on top of that she chewed through my ear bud wires the other day!  I wonder if she's cutting her adult teeth? 
I'll let you know how they work. 
I know it's not Monday when I post about books but I can't wait to share this with is so COOL!  What Should I Read Next
Check it out.....just enter an author or book that you really like and it will show you a whole list of similar books.  If you join (which is no big deal....they're not trying to sell you anything) they will keep your lists for you.  This is so fun and it came up with many I've found on my own but there were lots of new authors and books I hadn't heard of.  Try'll love it!
I have loads of work to do today so I had better "get a move on".  I hope you have a wonderful Friday! 
Oh, BTW, Ben is doing much better and we found out that they had given him a "nerve blocker" shot which may have caused him not to be able to talk when he first woke up although I still think they gave him too much anesthesia as it took him almost 3 days to walk and talk properly.  He seems to be doing fine now although he will have a long recovery time.  He's such a worker bee that this is going to be very hard for him.  He was already saying his grass needs mowing and he can't do it.  Oh well....he needs to learn to relax a bit so maybe this will force him too.  I think he got it from me....we are not couch potatoes by any means! LOL!
Happy Trails!


  1. Good to hear Ben is better! Some people don't do well at all with anesthesia.
    We like Raeburn Apples and once in a while I will buy a Pink Lady just to be different.
    LOL I think Miss Peeps should have all her teeth by now. :)

  2. I'd say the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I am amazed at how much you accomplish in a day! Glad Ben is getting better.

  3. I was hoping you would give us an update on Ben. Glad things are improving. I decorated at home a little for fall this week too. My cozy memories blanket isn't growing much these days as I've had so many other projects going on, however, it sits in a basket by my chair just waiting for me to pick it up again.

  4. Hi Sam,
    You know I forgot all about Indian corn! Now I must have some. I do have apples.
    Yes I always check out your books.
    Nancy Jo

  5. I'm glad Ben is doing better, Sandra. Don't hospitals weigh patients before surgery to help determine how much anesthesia he should get? The spider dishcloth made me smile because Ron Weasley cringing from the sight of them in The Chamber of Secrets flashed through my brain.


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