Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hopefully useful Tips on Tuesday!

Okay, I went to Wally World today and yes, I know, it's a terrible place to shop but for certain items that is the only game in town unless I want to drive for and hour and a half.  Anyway, I went and got some new sheets.   Not exactly what I would have chosen print-wise but they were the nicest ones  I could find and I need them.  Why is it you notice these things when you have company coming?  So, here's the sheets....I guess the tip would be (TIP #1) don't wait until you are forced to buy something you don't care for that much just because you need it.
 TIP #2 (you're going to love this one!) I found a new search engine instead of Google. This new search engine does not track you or anything you do or buy or logon to which I thought was great!  I have nothing to hide but Google is like Big Brother!  Duck Duck Go
is the name of it and guess what?  It's like I have a new computer!!!!  I kid you not!  It is so fast now it's like I got "turbo-boosted". I can now have a zillion windows open (Okay, so maybe not a zillion but at least a billion!) and my pc is fast, the search engine is just as good as Google, if not better!  You need to try them.  You will be shocked!  All that "Google Tracking" was using up MY precious resources on my pc....not theirs!  Google was always running even when I had no window open for them.  When I cleaned my computer with CClean (free and I highly recommend) it would have to force Google to close as it was always running in the background even when I had closed all programs....and again using MY resources.  I am getting nothing for saying these things I just like to share good things when I find them and this one is a winner!

TIP #3 When it's hot outside pin your ears back! LOL!  It is very hot here and Annie was outside and when she came in this was what I saw..............she had both her ears fliped back over her head! LOL!  What would I do without my girls to keep me smiling?  They are a hoot!
TIP #4 and Tip #5 aren't really tips actually but new products that I have tried and love! If you love guacamole like I do but hate it when it turns dark before you've eaten it all...have I got a product for you!
 Yes, little individual containers of guacamole!  Brilliant and just right for one person for a little snack in the afternoon with some blue tortilla chips like I had....YUMMO!  They have different flavors too....spicier if you like that and chunky if you prefer that.  I found it in the vegetable refrigerated section.
Isn't it cute?  You'll never have to eat guacamole from "the dark side" again! LOL!
 This next product I had heard about but I could only find it on Amazon and it was a bit pricey for a bag of cookies but "lo and behold" there it was on the shelf at Wally World!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  As most of you know, I don't buy processed anything very often and try and grow some and buy organic and cook almost everything from scratch as much as possible.  But there are times when I wish I could buy something already made that didn't have bad ingredients.  Today was the day!  In case you weren't aware of it, most European countries are much stricter about their food products and their makeup products and the ingredients they are allowed to put in them.  This country....not so much!  Anything goes here it seems.  These are made in Belgium with real ingredients....imagine that!  Like sugar and butter and things I would use if I was baking....no chemicals!
 They are delicious and I can understand why they are so popular.  They are great with a cup of tea or coffee and just right before bed!
That's all the tips for this Tuesday.  I hope you are staying cool or warm depending on where you're at and that you had a great day!
Happy Trails!


  1. It's always fun to get a good bargain. I like your snacks here.

  2. My youngest boy is going to college in Albany and told me the other day that there is a two story WalMart there. Will be interesting to visit while we are there. :)

  3. I need to go buy new sheets, I'll probably end up putting it off till last minute lol
    I'll check that search engine out. My computer is sooo slow and I have hardly any programs on it.
    Around here guacamole doesn't have time to get brown. My boys devour it. I have to hide it so I can get some lol

  4. What a fun post! It is fun to find bargains and new products and nice to share with others! Your cookies look so yummy and I am trying to eat more "clean" too--goodness knows what crap is in our foods now!

  5. I just got home from Wally World myself! I would rather shop elsewhere but the prices are so good it's hard to resist. I had to get a new iron. Mine died yesterday while ironing Dennis' shirts. Yes, I still iron! So many people are surprised when I tell them that. While there, I had to get some dark chocolate of course. :-). Great finds you have there. That guacamole looks delicious.

  6. I will look for the guacamole and cookies - they sound like great stuff.
    It is hot as blazes here in Mississippi, too!

  7. You found some great deals. I'll have to look for that guacamole. I usually make it myself...but then I make SO much and then guess what? I eat TOO much! haha! I'm going to check on that toy brand! Enjoy your weekend! You're just a 'little behind'...no pun intended! teehee! Hugs!

  8. I never acquired a taste for Guacamole...but I like cookies! I know what you mean about added ingredients. We are warm again today:(


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