Friday, June 24, 2016

Not quite as hot today...........

 I got out early this morning before it got too hot and did some more planting.  German thyme on the right and chocolate mint on the left.......
 I decided to plant up my washtub that I painted................
 The hibiscus tree is blooming..............I planted this tree several years ago....I think it's also called Rose of Sharon...........

 I hung clothes out, went to the store and got more potting soil and to the bank and then came home and started cooking up some ground beef, onion and cabbage.......for "cabbage burgers"
 This really should be done the day before not when you're tired and hot and hungry! LOL!  Oh well....I just made up 4 of them and left the other 4 for tomorrow.  They're rising for 20 minutes and then they bake for 20 minutes.  I'll let you know....probably more of a fall or winter dish but it sounded good at the time. I'll have more pictures tomorrow too of the finished product.
 Here's my wonderful Serenity ("Nitty") who hates to have her picture taken............she's 14 and I wish she would live forever but then not really because who would take care of her after me?  I'm pretty sure my children would or they know I would come back and haunt them! LOL!
and then there's Annie...the huntress, off in the weeds...................also 14.....they love being outside and when I'm outside they're always close by...........
I have some books to share I finished and 3 I started!  I hope you had a wonderful day. Happy Trails!


  1. Good to see photos of your old girls! Your Flowers are lovely especially that tree/shrub:)

  2. Nitty and Annie are absolutely adorable :)

  3. I love that big old washtub! Show us the plants again when they get established. And enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  4. Aw Nitty and sweet. It's great when you're working outside and the dogs stay close by. Spencer does the same....and Max the cat sometimes. They're great company. Your washtub looks lovely and the hibiscus is so pretty. X

  5. Cabbage burgers... I'm very intrigued! Love your plants. Very pretty!

  6. Oh I love the pictures of your girls. They look very happy. My Chloe is always very close by me too. That washtub is wonderful. So pretty and a fun planter.

  7. Love the painted wash tub! I have been trying to buy one at an auction,but they go sky high anymore! Your pups are beautiful!
    Make sure you give us that recipe for the cabbageburgers!


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