Monday, June 20, 2016

Treasures in the mail!!!!

What a way to start the week!  It seems I just ordered this and there it was.....a package in my mailbox on Monday morning!
It was from The Loopy, not YOU but EWE! LOL!  It was wrapped so nicely........and treasures indeed....
and they have all kinds of services too..........
I hope I got some Loopy credits because I didn't realize you only get 1 sock blocker.....oh's lovely but I really thought I was getting 2......I need to wash and block 2 at a time not they are not so inexpensive as I thought!  I'll need to order another one.
I guess I won't be using my Soak right away...I don't want to waste it on 1 sock.......
This sounded better than it's based on gauge but how do you know what your gauge is until you use the yarn and this is for buying yarn based on your gauge...huh?  I have much to learn...still.........
I got my "sock rockets"....Addi Lace circular 40" cable for sock knitting.....these were  Sandra Paul's favorite from her sock knitting needle review and who am I to argue?  Not sure how fast I want to go though as speed has never been my friend.
I've also ordered Knit-Pro Karbonz in DPN's as I have wanted them for quite a while now but they aren't here yet.   They also sent me a little gift....a Loopy Ewe magnifying ruler that's see through...very nice but I would have preferred a "pair" of sock blockers! Ha! Ha! 
I found my last bit of sock yarn and I'll be casting on tonight as I feel naked without a pair of socks on the needles.  The difference in the skeins below is the one on the left has never been touched by Miss Peeps, the one on the right was not so lucky!
Today was a slow day....and I didn't seem to get much done....a slow crawl into the work week.  I hope you had a great day and a great weekend!
Happy Trails!


  1. Only one sock blocker...that is the pits, have they not heard of pairs! I wonder if you could make your know those really stiff placemats? Would that work, you have a pattern now LOL:) I bet there is something out there that would work...
    Miss Peeps must be knitting too! :)
    Happy Summer!!

  2. It's so much fun getting a package filled with goodies like that! I'll have to look at this company. I got a post ready for tomorrow and mentioned you! Hope you can visit tomorrow. I appreciate your sweet comments my friend....and the book recommendations! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Oh that little Miss Peeps was having way too much fun. :) Enjoy all your goodies.

  4. I've heard of the Loopy Ewe but never purchased anything from them. How strange to only get one sock blocker. I've only known them to be sold in pairs. Did you check to see if it was a shipping error? Little Peeps is an ornery one isn't she? Doesn't she know yarn in skeins is off limits? Balls are much easier to rewind. :-). Oh, I also have the 40" Addi turbos. I have tried the circular needle method, the two circular method and the 9 inch circular method, but I always return to my double points. I guess I'm an old dog who doesn't learn new tricks very well. Ha!
    Blessings my friend,


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