Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring has sprung in the Ozarks!

 The girls and I went for a really long hike today to see what the woods were up to.........these buds looked like someone had gone through the woods and hung neon green ornaments on the trees
In some parts it felt like I was in a fairy ethereal......
(it was an overcast day btw)..........
trees and bushes were beginning to blossom all around..............
the red buds were popping out their pretty pink flowers..........
I got here just in time!
you would never guess that those dead looking branches could come back to life with such glorious color...even on the ground there were teeny tiny little flowers that were so sweet and beautiful.........all that prettiness packed into a flower no bigger than a thumbtack
gorgeous forsythia as we got closer to civilization again..........
and then my own yard where I am reminded there is work to be done but still.....there is nothing like Spring in the Ozarks............
I even found grape hyacinth growing in amongst the grass...(not in this picture)...this is ajuga (sp?)...the purple flowering plant/weed
the sugar maple is "coming out" and the trees are beginning to flower............
I never really liked Spring that much until I moved here.....Spring in the Ozarks is one big beautiful celebration!
We got home just in time as it poured buckets right as we got in the door....someone was looking out for us.  It is starting to storm again now with severe thunderstorm warnings.....another sign that it is "Spring in the Ozarks".
Happy Trails!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

YOP Week #39

I have skipped several weeks here on YOP but that's because my priorities have shifted.  Blogging and a few other things have taken a back seat to several things this Spring.  I am prepping for a city wide garage sale, selling items on various venues and going through my belongings with a fine tooth comb.  This is way more than "Spring Cleaning"...more like "Lifetime Cleaning".  So, while I will continue to blog and try and stay in touch it will not be as often.  I discovered that there was much time spent blogging, reading others blogs, replying to others blogs and just plain spending too much time in front of the computer.   I want to move back North and live closer to my grandchildren and I had better get going as I am not getting any younger and my energy reserves are depleting much faster each day! LOL!  Also, my workload has doubled again with outside chores and landscaping.
But I have gotten some handwork time in when my legs are too tired to carry me anymore or when I need a break.
I am happy to report that "the blanket" is almost done....block #52 of 55 so next week you might see a finish not counting the lining which I need to order fabric for.  I'm sure you're tired of seeing it so I will not include a picture this week.
Easter is on the way and since I only sent cards for Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day I thought it was about time to send a surprise box to the grands so...........I'm planning on some of these....
 with my favorite Noro Kureyon wool yarn.  It's all about the colors and I used this yarn to make my leaves last fall and loved how they turned out so when I was thinking of eggs I immediately thought of the Noro.  The colors I have though were chosen for leaves not eggs but the yarn unwinds to reveal more colors than you bargained for so I think it will be good in the end.  I think I will be ordering more of this yarn as it is a definite "go to" yarn for me making small decorative items and more.  I'm not sure I would want to wear it as it is wool and the scratchy kind but I sure love it for everything else!
 I also would like to "whip up" a few of these which are compliments of Revoluzzza's .........aren't they just darling?

 and I have been really wanting to make some of those Japanese knot bags that Kim made.  Such a pretty way to organize all my WIP's and Kim said they fast and easy!

 Japanese Knot Bags - Free Sewing + Knitting Pattern Round Up!
  I have been working later and not watching as much t.v. so there hasn't been as much crochet time but I've made a few more preemie hats.

I did find a washable and dryable soft wool mixture yarn that I want to get for these hats...I think it was Lion Brand and sounds better than the acrylic but being it is for a hospital I knew it would have to be washable and dryable.  I'll have to try it.  Has anyone used it?  I think its called Baby Wool.
I'd feel much better using natural fibers on babies or anyone for that matter!
Spring has arrived for sure but yesterday was a whole different ballgame.....the reason the daffodils below look "blurry"
is because it was snowing like crazy!  Here's a better shot of the snow coming down.
  It snowed all morning but none of it stuck as the temperature was 36.....obviously up in the sky where it was coming from was 32 or lower. LOL!  Today is supposed to be in the 60's...crazy Spring!
There are some new neighbors that have arrived but I don't know their names yet.........not sure if they're staying for the summer or just passing through.
I couldn't get this red bird to turn around but it was not a cardinal female or male...that much I know.
I have not seen a robin yet.  I think they just did a "fly by" from the deep South and went straight North as people up North are seeing them back . I usually have them in the summer but none so far.
I hope you are enjoying your Spring!
Happy Trails!