Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ahhhh....the lake!

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting back in my routine.  With no dryer I am still catching up with laundry and linen washing.  One load a day to hang in the basement, one load to pick and fold and another to wash but it will all get done eventually.  I have clean underwear and that's what counts! LOL!
Yesterday it rained and I did:
vacuumed my bedroom
cleaned up the house
blogged (finally!)
started knitting a Christmas present
in the evening I'm finishing up some crocheted squares for a throw/blanket
made a supper of tomato soup and grilled cheese (with avocado and bacon on it too...yum!) and had the last of the watermelon.   I also finished the last piece of strawberry rhubarb pie.  I'm eating up the leftovers from when the kids were here.
I made out some bills and caught up with finances 

After all the hard, heavy and hot work the kids did we all headed for the lake!  It's across the street from me but the beach is on the other side of the lake from me so we loaded up the kids and the floats and the coolers and off we went!  We went every day just about but grandma doesn't own a suit so I sat in the shade and took pictures and had my eye on the grand kids as there are no life guards.  I am not a great swimmer but I made sure my kids were from an early age!
Uriah just turned 7 and he swam all the way out to the float and back!  What a fish he is!  This is Amanda, Sam and Uriah.  Amanda is like an olympian swimmer as she dived off the float doing back flips and jack knives.  I thought I got pictures but evidently not.  I was probably too busy watching her! LOL!
Here's Grayson taking it easy......... boy....I'm surprised he doesn't have fins!
 Grayson..........this little guy had Grandma in stitches the whole time he was here....a natural born comedian....Amy would sometimes tell me it wasn't so funny but I thought he was hysterical! LOL!  He and grandma are 2 peas in a pod!
The boys loved Uncle Ben throwing them into the water!
Amy did her fair share too as the boys pretended they were beached dolphins and she had to get them back in the water........
After awhile they were all "beached"...there was also a lot of "butt crack" jokes being tossed around and oh how the boys giggled at that!

Amanda........taking advantage of the empty float...........

How you can have this much energy after working in the hot sun all day is amazing to me but back in the day I can remember having energy but I must have used it all up back then because I sure don't have much nowadays! LOL!

Grayson, Sam and Ben.............Amanda in the background on the float............
Well, I'm sure you've seen enough by now but they had a ball together and it was just as much fun for me to watch them.  I'm off now to take Nitty to the vet for her allergy shot, pick up a few things at Walmart and so much more!  Hope you all have a great day!
Happy Trails!


  1. It looks like everyone had a fun day at the lake. We went to the river on Sunday and the kids had such fun..and I was like you..on shore, but in the shade. I can't handle much heat anymore, and I try to stay out of the sun. Oh to be young again!

    1. I understand completely. I can't take the heat anymore either or sun. It was fun being a bystander though and getting pictures.

  2. Swimming on a hot day? You can't beat that. How awesome the lake is right by you.

    1. You could come by and take some water for your! The people who have houses on the lake have sprinkler systems with pumps that use the water from the lake to water their lawns. I only water my container herbs and plants (vegetables) as I have to pay for my water.

  3. Is it a rule that you cannot go in the water without a suit? I have a couple of suits BUT I have gone swimming in shorts and a really cools you off for a long time:) Your grands and your kids look like they had a blast! You have been busy already today. I got up early getting company for lunch is ready and they are not here yet:(

    1. I too have gone in with shorts and shirt but I was tired and wanted to just "sit" in the shade and take pictures. By the time they're ready to relax, I'm ready to take a nap! LOL! I did take a "power nap" one day and it really helped....just 10-20 minutes makes a big difference...I could go longer.
      You are so good about being prepared for anything and everything! I hope your company was fun and they appreciated your hard work and lunch. I love to eat someone else's cooking for a change but I never get a chance.

  4. Glad to see you are having some family fun time. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. I will be posting your lovely gifts as soon as I catch up with my life! LOL! I cherish your gifts and your friendship. It was fun but exhausting too even though I didn't work nearly as hard as they did! LOL!

  5. Looks like a great day at the lake!!
    You know that saying "youth is wasted on the young'? Well, the older I get, the more truth there is in that saying!!
    Imagine being able to work so hard all day, and then play and swim like that ?!!
    Glad you're getting your routine back and enjoying these last summer days.

    ~Smiles :)

    1. Ah yes, no matter what, I seem to enjoy each day. Living alone seems to suit me....I should have done it years ago! LOL! I was thinking the same thing about youth...I think Mark Twain said that. I worked hard all my life but I didn't know how to have fun really....I guess to me.....if it's the right work it is fun. I finally came to the conclusion I really do love to stay busy and "work".

  6. Oh that looks like such a wonderful day with your grandkids. We had two of ours at the lake last week and the scene was very similar. I, also, do not have the energy I used to. :-)

    1. So glad you're enjoying your lake...I was thinking after the kids here go back to school (this week) I may pack up a cooler and some knitting and books and toddle off to the beach myself! I should take advantage of it while I'm still here. They also have a little cottage with beach paraphernalia and ICE CREAM! We all scream for ice cream! LOL!


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