Friday, May 22, 2015

Yesterday was Wally World....need I explain?

Shopping just wears me out and I should have known better than to think I would get a blog post in too! LOL!   But I am up this morning, fresh and renewed and ready to take on the world!  I thought I would blog first before I get on with my day else I may not make it back here.  I plan on being outside working all day and I will take my water, a book and some crochet for when I take a "break".  The weather is scrumptious right now!  It's 52 and sunny!  Perfect for working outside but first...I have "treasures" to show you.
I mentioned that Sue, the book fairy stopped by and look what she brought me..........
But wait...........that's not you see some of these books?  Old authors and one I have been searching for .....Gladys Taber and her Stillmeadow farm books.  Well, actually, anything she wrote is  up my alley as it is non-fiction and about her life in an old farmhouse with her dogs.....story of my life except I need the farmhouse.  There's another Jessamyn West book that came before Me and Thee, Sue told me, called Friendly Persuasion so I'll be on the lookout for that one.  I am still "over the moon" about the Gladys Taber books.....what a treasure!  Thank you, Sue!
 She brought this beautiful and fascinating book over too and it is just on loan.  I haven't looked at it yet but soon it will be savored over a cup of tea in my jammies in bed with a few "biscuits".  Oh joy!  I promise not to get crumbs on your book, Sue!  In the bed maybe but not in the book.  LOL!
And to top it all off she made me a book mark with her new embroidery machine!  Too cute and no one ever has enough bookmarks...especially not us readers who read multiple books at a time.
I have hinted at but not really divulged to you that I have been bitten by the sewing, embroidery, Zakka-style, and "I need clothes and a new quilt".....BUG.  I went bonkers over a website I found which you might already be familiar with Nana And Company
I went nuts when I saw her creations and ended up going through her entire archives and pinning everything I saw practically.  Then I discover she's just published a book and don't you know I ordered it "lickety-split"!  It is now in my hot little hands and if I were you I would order one too! LOL!
I love embellishing and I love the little trims and tags and embroidered accents and the colors and fabrics are so sweet! Another designer that I love and that does that with such flair is Helen Phillips and I have several of her books too.   I have chosen 2 projects to work on first and they are the following.......
I was even able to get the material yesterday at Wally World....except for the linen which Amy uses a lot in her sewing.  That I will have to order along with a few other "necessities" like more fabric, trims and other items which might catch my eye....tee hee.
Here's the other project I am wanting to make.....isn't her work just too cute? 
I managed to get a few supplies at Wally World yesterday but I still need to order some more online......
I was able to get a few items on clearance and/or marked down too....that's always a plus.  Variegated rick rack?  Who knew? 

As for the's going to be this one...........utilizing the materials I have.  It's Alicia Paulson's Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt. 
She includes all sizes in her pattern; crib, twin, full, queen, and king.  A bargain for sure!  And the instructions are a nice reminder for me who hasn't quilted in a while now.
I need to stop now as this post is getting to be long again but I will be posting more about this soon as I have more I haven't shared!  For now though, I need to get outside and get to work!
Happy Trails!


  1. I love how you keep wonderfully busy.

    1. It's because for years I had a family and a career...all of which I loved but it's just a different stage of life with different joys. I only pray I live long enough to do it all! LOL!

  2. You've chosen some neat projects to work on....I love Nana and Co and Helen Phillips, too. They are so talented and use the pretty cheerful colors that I love. And books? Oh, you'll enjoy these, I know. It's so funny too. I went to the library this afternoon and got a stack of the larger paper back books in the lobby for sale. I just took pics of them to do a post soon. When it's this hot, I read more and usually sew, too. Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

    1. Oh, if only we were living next door to each other! Then I could go on your hikes too and your husband would get really sick of me hanging around! LOL!


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