Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Surprise! Surprise! Day 2

 The dogs starting barking and I went to the door and "and what to my wondering eyes should appear?".....the UPS man carrying a long box to my front door that said F L O  W E R S!  I couldn't believe it as it is rarer and rarer these days! LOL!  My youngest son, Jim, sent them and are they ever gorgeous!  There must be about 18-20 pale pink tulips and about the same amount of Iris.  They took my breath away!
 They came with a pretty purple vase and very clear instructions which I have never seen before.  They said to cut off an inch on the bottom (which I always do that), they said to leave the plastic cone/sleeve around the flowers and mix 1 of 2 envelopes of flower food in room temperature water in the vase provided and let them sit like that for 3-4 hours which I did.  They said in 3 days give them fresh water using the 2nd envelope of flower food.  These pictures are after the 3-4 hours of sitting in the water with flower food.  None are open yet which is nice as they will last longer which means more enjoyment for MOI!

 On top of that they came with a small box of brings a Mother to tears!  Tears of joy and thankfulness for such a thoughtful son. Although, I always tell them they shouldn't spend their hard earned money.  (Not that I don't deserve!)  But I know how expensive flowers are.
 This morning I awoke to this...........
 The irises are open and the tulips are getting ready.  Yesterday they were slanted over and this morning they were standing strong and beautiful.
These are from Pro Flowers and coming from a woman who has had many over the years these were the prettiest and healthiest I've ever seen.  Another bouquet that I got from my daughter a few years back were gorgeous too.  They were a big bouquet of meadow wildflowers from Martha Stewart and came in a mason jar.  She and Jim both know hot to pick 'em!  Literally! LOL!
Thank you, Jim....Mom loves you with all her or no flowers.  (He doesn't read my blog but just in case).  This has been a very good week so far and it's only Wednesday!
Happy Trails!


  1. What a lovely surprise. Such beautiful flowers.

  2. What a nice surprise, and the color combination is beautiful! You are a lucky lady.

  3. Flowers always brighten our day....and our home! How beautiful! Enjoy them and your special week! Have fun! Hugs, Diane

  4. That was so sweet of your son. The flowers are gorgeous. That was a very sweet surprise.

  5. Beautiful flowers! What a great son!! :)

  6. You deserve it. Good job on your son's part.

  7. What a wonderful surprise. They are beautiful!

  8. Those are such pretty flowers. Gorgeous royal blue! And yes, you do deserve them. Enjoy! Tammy

  9. What a great son, he obviously has a great Mum :)


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