Friday, April 10, 2015

Pinterest Progress.....I tried to publish yesterday but blogger and I were not getting along so here it is..a day late!

If you remember from last week's post, I was going to take 5 pins from my boards on Pinterest and do them and here is how that worked out along with the next 5 pins for this week.
1.  I wanted to start using my crock pot more in order to free up more time for other projects and also so I wouldn't have to stop in the middle of the afternoon to start fixing supper. 

PIN #1 - Pinned to my slow cooker board.  I want to do more slow cooker meals as I have the garage sale and organizing I'm doing and it seems like just when I'm getting going it is time to stop and make supper so this should fix that!

 Indian Butter Chicken Naan Pizza with Lime ; Peanut Slaw
Naan serves as the crust for our Indian Butter Chicken pizza. We slow cooked the toppings and then added tangy slaw on top.
Recipe by Jessica Walker
Indian Butter Chicken Naan Pizza with Lime & Peanut Slaw 
 This went in the crock pot this morning although I would highly suggest to myself and others that you prep all the ingredients the night before if you want to eat at a decent time! LOL!  I still have the side dish to make and the naan bread for the pizza base.
REVIEW:  This meal took more prep work than a gourmet meal! I ended up  having a can of soup that night because there was still the naan bread to make!  REALLY? It was alright but I will never make it again.....ever!  It wasted more time than it saved and it wasn't that tasty.
Here's a picture of mine.  Mind you, I am no food stylist! LOL!

PIN #2 - These are pinned to my Organization board ~ aren't they darling?

REVIEW:  These are just as darling as they look and I did download the fonts and the labels but there are some supplies needed that I don't have.  I need to order printer paper that has adhesive so you can peel it off your labels and they will adhere.  Also, there is card stock involved which I don't think I have but I might.  I think this will be a winner when I get done but for now it is still a WIP so stay tuned!  

 PIN #3 - This is fact I had better ensure I have supplies and I am ready as severe weather season is tonight! This is on my Self Sufficiency board or my Preparedness board...I should probably combine those 2.
Day 3 of our focus on Severe Spring Weather Awareness. Do you take Thunderstorms & Lightning seriously? Read this. You should know this stuff! PLEASE LIKE AND PIN to help others Prepare!
 REVIEW:   This was not very helpful as I was really looking at what you need to have on hand to be prepared for any storm where as this was more what to do and not do when there is a lightening storm.  Still good information but I already knew most of it. 

PIN #4 -This is on my Organization board...are you seeing a theme here? LOL!
I am so using this system to organize all of those bins in the garage! Her free printables are super cute too! |

REVIEW:  This is an excellent idea but I just don't have time for this right now but I will be implementing some time.  I will be printing off her labels and again there are supplies I need.  She uses a laminating machine but I don't think I'll invest in one...about $50.00, I think.  I'll see but right now I'd just be happy  to have a one word label on them.  She empties all hers, organizes by size and items and then laminates an inventory sheet onto the bin.  Good for her! LOL!  And I thought I was anal! LOL!  I'm not giving up on this one, I just have bigger fish to fry right now.!

 PIN #5 - This is on my Food board......I have never made these but I remember them always being around at Easter when I was growing up.  Let's bring those "good ole days" traditions back before we lose them.  Do any of you make these during the Easter season?

Hot Cross Bun Recipe
REVIEW: Here are my pictures of my hot cross buns and I used a Martha Stewart recipe instead because this one was in metric. I learned it is an old English custom.

I followed the directions but they ended up like mini hot cross buns which was fine with me but I also did not "pipe" the frosting on as it was pretty "drippy"...maybe next time.  I did end up with lots of leftover dough which I froze.  I've been eating them with tea in the morning for breakfast and at night for a dessert.  They're tasty and the frosting has lemon in it.  Just what I like....a little something sweet but not too sweet.  These buns are just right!

Now for this weeks picks!
PIN #1 - I better hurry...more storms on the way!
PIN #2 - A monthly budget minder
Budget Binder 5

PIN #3 -  I am not ready to do this but I am researching it.  Plus, my big question is "do you have to hire a mover to get all the furniture out of the room and then back again?"

PIN #4 -  I have an old farm glider that is about in the same shape that I want to paint this Spring if it ever stops raining long enough.
How to Restore Metal Before Painting 
 PIN #5 -  I'm really wanting to get things organized and/or get rid of things!  "Use it up, make it do, throw it out or buy it new!"
 spice rack
Wish me luck on these pins and the weather!  We just got our first warning for the evening ahead.
Happy Trails!


  1. Actually when my husband and I did laminate flooring, we moved all the furniture to one side on the room, did half one day and moved the furniture to the other side and did the other half the next. I stayed on the floor fitting the boards together and he cut the ends. They looked great when we were done. A couple of tips, cut the boards upside down so you don't chip them with the blade and invest in an oscillating tool so you don't have to take down all of the woodwork.

    1. Denise, Thank you for all those tips! I will hopefully not forget them by the time I get around to doing it. lol!

  2. I really like your reviews and the new pins you've chosen. We need to put in new carpet in the bedrooms in the next few years. I dread it just because of the furniture issue. It promises to be a real mess.

    1. I hate carpeting and I don't use the word hate very often but when it comes to carpeting....yes! I have animals though and I never had carpeting until I moved here and it is so much upkeep compared to hardwood or laminate. In MHO, anyway. I also have animals and carpeting is not good when you have kids or animals. LOL!

  3. I just found you whilst blog hopping :) What a great idea to review some "Pins" - self-confessed Pinterest addict here! Would be lovely to see you over at
    ps yes hot-cross buns are an English thing - super yummy toasted with butter on, and very naughty! We only have them in the shops around Easter.

    1. Oh, I didn't try toasting them...what a great idea! Next time I will when I make them!

  4. This is a good idea and your reviews are helpful. I am on a purging and cleaning binge! Every day I do at least a small 'clean out', today it was working on my shoes in shoe boxes. Why do I have so many I don't wear? lol Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

    1. I just came in from doing yard work....I'll sleep sound to night! I want to purge too but now my garbages are all full! LOL!

  5. Pinterest is full of lots of good pins, but I've also found some that weren't so helpful!
    When I saw tha 1st crock pot recipe I knew that was not going to be a quick meal-ha!
    It does look tasty though.

    1. It was a Betty Crocker, of all people she should know how busy we are! LOL!

  6. Good luck lady. My husband bought several emergency items off of Amazon if that helps. I totally understand about laborious, crock pot recipes. I always forget to read the recipe through beforehand and then I'm rousing home after drop off or volunteering to get the food prepped.

    1. I am a terrible judge of time. They say you should figure out how long you think something will take you and multiply it by 3. Obviously, I forgot the multiplying part or I would never have embarked on it! Ha! Ha! I do like the fact that people put links in for where they buy items. Amazon is great as they carry everything now. I have NO trouble buying $35.00 worth to get the free shipping! LOL!

  7. Hope you are safe. The storms looked pretty bad from what I saw. Take care of yourself. Good luck with the organizing. We've been trying to do that here and to clear out and clean up. After having to deal with a whole storage unit of Mom's stuff and a room full (and I mean, FULL), I decided I didn't need to leave anything like that for my kids to deal with. Bless her, she was a wonderful woman and mother. She just didn't throw much away.

    1. I have the same motivation...I do not want to do that to my children! I'm terrible about throwing out too as I'm always afraid I might need it and then won't have the money to replace it.

    2. Oh, yes, not much of a storm here but I was worried about my hometown which was only about 60 miles west of Fairdale, IL where they got hit so bad. So sad.

  8. You could just decopague those labels on the jars! That slow cooker recipe looked good but if it takes all day I would get rid of that pin for sure! I love your take on the Hot Cross Buns...they look yummy:)

    1. Yes, I could decoupage but there are lots and I would be "decoupaging for weeks". LOL! I'll try it and see how it goes. It's a good idea but I think the plastic adhesive is washable. I'll let you know.


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