Sunday, January 18, 2015

YOP Week #29

What a week this has been!  I am finished with the bookmarks but need to weave in the ends on 5 of them and block them.  Unfortunately, I got little done this week as my right hand was killing me!  I'm not sure if it is carpal tunnel or my rheumatoid or I pulled a tendon but whatever, it really put me out of commission for crocheting, knitting, typing and even holding a book in my hands was painful.  It seems to be better and I have to get on with my life so enough is enough! LOL!
Here's the bookmarks and the last one I needed to go to my second ball of thread which I thought was the same color but obviously it wasn't!  I actually like it better.
Since I've never done thread or filet crochet or so many of the same thing it might have been the cause of the wrist pain.
You can definitely tell by my first one (upper left) that my technique improved.  I am definitely versed in filet crochet now but not sure how soon I'll be doing it again.  At least not until my wrist heals.
I also finished all my squares for my Dottie Angel throw...........
 This afternoon will be football and weaving in ends.
We had an ice storm last week but not significant and no loss of power thank goodness!
and now we're in the 60's so it's time to get outside and start cleaning the garage and yard work as last Fall it got cold and rainy and there was no opportunity to get it all done.  Heck, I can even spray paint in this weather! :)
I started feeding the birds during the ice storm and although most have gone further South there are still a few here.............I gave them ham trimmings and peanut butter and black sunflower seed mixture (according to Mother Nature Network's recommendations).
They seem to like it!
Now it's time to get ready for Valentine's Day!  Here are my projects that I had scheduled for that "LOVEly" day.............some wash cloths for the grands..........(these patterns are all in my YOP 2014 - 2015 list on the right side bar if you're interested....there's a link to them there on Ravelry)
Another free pattern on Ravelry.  Not sure if I'll make this for everyone or just me...I always think I have more time than I do.  But I love it!
and there's even a card to knit...........
You knit the little heart and she gives you the printout for the card!  Free!  How wonderful are the people on Ravelry?  Awesome, I'd say!
I'm still organizing and cleaning and I need to get my budget finalized for this year before I buy any yarn but I have plenty of WIP's to get back to now that the bookmarks are done.  I hope you had a wonderful week and a relaxing Sunday today!
Happy Trails!
P.S.  My son Benjamin turns 37 today!  I was 29 when I had him....8lbs 10 ounces or was it 9?....and now he's a tall skinny "drink of water" at 6' 1"! LOL!  Happy Birthday Son!


  1. Happy Birthday Ben!

    Good for you for doing all those bookmarks. I'm not usually patient enough to do the same thing over and over again. And to my eye your filet crochet looks pretty good all the way through.

    Hope your wrist feels better ... probably needs some rest!

  2. Great projects! That card is so sweet!! Happy Birthday to your son!

  3. Happy birthday to your handsome son! You've been pretty busy. I keep meaning to put some food out for the poor birdies. We've had a bit of snow, nothing that settled, but there's more forecast this week. Your filet crochet is delicate...I do hope your wrist is better soon. X

  4. Hope your wrist continues to improve. Love all your squares - lovely colours. Happy birthday, Ben!

  5. Glad your wrist is improving. I love the card and heart. A little crocheted or felt heart would work also, don't you think? Take care and keep letting that wrist heal.

  6. Happy Birthday to your handsome Benjamin! I hope your wrist is getting better. The bookmarks look grand, will you starch them now? You have accomplished much with a bad hand:)

  7. I no longer can to thread crochet because of my RA. The hook is too small as is the thread. I loved doing it, but not at the expense of being out of commission for days afterwards. Your bookmarks are great and so are the squares. I love all your valentine ideas. You have plenty to keep you busy. Hopefully, your cold weather is gone so you can get the outside all done. Happy bday to your son.

  8. The bookmarks turned out great! I've only crocheted one that said "Dad" on it for Father's Day. Hope you feel better soon too. Happy Birthday to your son.

  9. I enjoy filet crochet and have done quite a lot of it in the past but not recently. I enjoy make doilies too in the fine thread. Love the valentine bunting and card. Maybe there will be time to make some bunting before the holiday...but then again, there is always next year right? Happy BIrthday to your son. Where does the time go?

  10. Pls give your wrist some TLC. I like how your birdhouse provides great shelter for them. Your hooked stitches are so neat and uniform.

  11. Happy birthday to your handsome Benjamin.
    Well done on completing all those bookmarks and they may very well account for the pain, please rest it and let it get better it will be quicker that way. Looking forward to seeing all your LOVEly projects for the Love day :)

  12. Hello dear,
    Hope your wrist continues to improve. Love all your squares -
    Happy birthday Ben .

  13. Lovely bookmarks! Your Valentine's projects look like a lot of fun too. I hope your wrist heals with a little rest.

  14. Good job with those bookmarks, they look lovely, but I'm sorry to hear you've managed to give yourself a sore wrist. Hope things improve soon!

    Just wondering - what type of bird is the red one in your second picture of the bird feeder? It looks beautiful!

    Also, happy birthday to your son! :)

  15. The bookmarks turned out great! I really like filet work! Love the bird pictures! and the crocheted bunting is so much fun. Would make a great 'new baby' gift too!


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