Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cool down.............

This morning was sunny and hot and we got to 91 before the storms/cold front came through. 
 Grace sat by the window with some of her friends watching the clouds roll in.
This crow sat up on this pole warning all of the impending storm and making quite a racket.
 I got out early this morning and got my errands done before "the rains came" and boy was it hot! 
 It got so dark in the house after I got home that I had to turn the lights on.
When it started raining this little hummingbird sat outside my kitchen window under the eave to escape the deluge.
I cooked up some banana peppers I had gotten at the Farmer's Market.  I cook them in garlic and olive oil and have a pepper sandwich on the rustic bread I make.....yum!  I had some tomato soup with it for supper and I'll have fresh peaches and ice cream later for dessert.
I managed to do a few rows on my sweater when I took a break.  So far so good!
 Last evening I started on a preemie cap in the next size up.  I think it's a 2

and I started making stars for my crocheted Star blanket.  I couldn't decide on a color scheme so I finally just decided to make all different color stars.  Still not sure about the back ground colors.  I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  I would like to make 6 each night as there are 48 needed in total.  I'm trying to use up a lot of worsted acrylic I have.  The tips curl but they will straighten out when I crochet the rest of the circle and square around them.
I finished another little book about Laura Ingalls/Wilder.  I have one left to read and then I can give the last 2 of the 5 to my daughter when she comes next week.  She got her presents in the mail today and opened them while we were on the phone.  I think she really loved them all.  I'm so happy!
I hope you had a great day and Happy Trails to you all!

Monday, July 21, 2014

"And they're off!"

Yes, finally got the presents off in the felt like Christmas around here and a mess to match it when I was done!
I got the back done on the brooch for my daughter....
These pin backs I found at Wal-Mart awhile ago and they are self-adhesive as opposed to sewing them on.  It seemed  to stick very well but then it is a light weight brooch too.  I  used a cardboard backing that I covered in fabric using E6000 glue but I hope the smell wears off.  That glue smells like skunk!  I just used a little bit and my whole kitchen stunk.
 Got the presents and cards all wrapped and made out for both the birthday and the anniversary.  I still have the other grandson's birthday on the 26th!
 Then I made the rice krispy treats to put in these funnels I buttered ahead of time.
 They look like something that would go on one of those "60's cakes for men, or something from an outfit Madonna might have worn but in reality.......

 they're supposed to look like big Hershey's Kisses.  The big one is for Amy and Tracy and the middle one is for Sam who just turned 7 and the littlest one is for Grayson who will be 3 next week.  I couldn't send the big one to Amy and Tracy and not include something for the grand boys.  I am no artist but I think they'll get a kick out of it.  I even made my own little "kiss" tab that sticks out of the real Hershey's Kiss.

 I also finished some books..........I loved this book by Colin Fletcher written back in 1958 when he hiked all through California from the Mexican border to the Oregon border.  If you like nature and travel books you would love this one.  Fascinating and it reads like a novel.  You could probably get a copy on Thrift Books where they sell used books and it is always free shipping!  I love that site!

These little books were wonderful and full of old photos of the family of Laura Ingalls  (Little House on the Prairie books).
I got these at a garage sale but someone originally purchased them at the museum in Mansfield, MS where Laura and Alfonzo Wilder finally settled.
I sent 3 of them to my daughter and there are 2 more but I haven't read them yet so I held them back! LOL!
These are my non-fiction I'm reading and then for fiction I am still reading Orphan Train but I should finish that this week and probably the other 2 museum books.  As for a magazine, I am reading Mary Jane's Farm and I should finish it tonight.
Today was my daughter's birthday....I think she turned 38.....I am so blessed to have a daughter especially one like her. 
Happy Trails!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

YOP Week #3

I was "under the weather" this week.  I had some kind of "attack" either pancreatitus or gall bladder as it was extremely painful and I went a whole night sitting up in bed because the pain was too great when I laid down.  I was also throwing  up, dry heaves,  my back hurt and my gut felt like it would explode.  Have any of you ever had anything like that?  I'm hoping it was just because of eating 3 ears of sweet corn and that my digestive tract just can't handle that at my age.  Although WebMD said that pancreatitus is usually caused by fatty foods and alcohol neither of which I over indulge in but the symptoms sure sounded like it.  I am recovered but still a little "sore" but all systems are back to normal and functioning but now I'm afraid to eat wondering what caused it.  I had fresh blackberries that morning with my cereal, almond milk and then the corn for supper.   Anyway, I'm hoping it doesn't reocurr or I will have to call the doctor and that is not good in my book.
But I did get more handwork done (it was good for keeping my mind off the pain)....I have a finished WIP!  I know...finally I'm starting to get organized and wrap things up......the chair pad.....finally!
I still need to steam it as it pops up in the middle a bit.  By the time I got done sewing it together I had a method so if I ever make another I think I know how to avoid any "pop ups".  Also, using the wooden needles made it hard on my hands so IF (big "if") I do any more I would use metal or something more slippery.  I love my wooden needles....just not for this.  The yarn, Katia Super Bulky is very nice and it makes for a great chair pad.
For some of my daily readers this will be a repeat and I apologize but I should have saved it for today.  Another 2 FO's for my daughter and her husband for their wedding anniversary...........
I know this one isn't exactly "fiber related" but there is a little lace on the bride's veil...I just didn't make!
I started several KAL's that I left open because I never know what's going on until I visit my LYS (local yarn shop).  I did not have any plans to make a sweater this year but this one is supposedly easy, all one piece and with the support of my LYS how could I go wrong?  So, I jumped at the opportunity!  This is Patons Classic Wool in their Tweeds collection.  I am loving this yarn!  So soft and a dream to knit with.
Here's a better picture of the yarn.  It goes top down so I have just finished the collar and I'm starting on the sweater part with markers dilineating the sleeves, back and sides.  It is a Mary Maxim pattern called Tweed Comfort Cardigan.  
Another FO, this one for my daughter for her birthday.....
I need to put a backing and pin clasp on it but I was very pleased how it turned out.  I've never knit anything this tiny before.  I made it for her as it looks just like my great-great grandmother's cottage in Ireland.  It still had a thatched roof up until about 20 years ago.  I hope she likes it.
I went to another KAL yesterday and started making a round doily or dishcloth or coaster depending on what size needle and/or yarn you use.  I had doilies on my list this year so once again the stars all aligned.  It's an interesting pattern using short rows that form points around the circle.
The sock is ongoing but making progress now that the gifts are mostly done and the ones that aren't will be for Christmas instead.  I'm going down the homestretch on the foot of the sock and praying I have enough for a second sock as I have big feet.  At this point in the sock it's a great t.v. project.
I know you're sick of seeing it.....I hope I'm not sick of them by the time I can wear them.  I don't think so though as I paid too much for the yarn to do that! LOL!
I think I am off to a great start this year and I am also a faster and better knitter and crocheter than I was last year.  I'm sure I will still run into problems at times and I will always want to continue learning new skills and techniques but it is not such a struggle this year and not so much tearing out and starting over.  I'm truly enjoying it.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support as I would never have gotten to this point without you!
Happy Trails!