Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cool down.............

This morning was sunny and hot and we got to 91 before the storms/cold front came through. 
 Grace sat by the window with some of her friends watching the clouds roll in.
This crow sat up on this pole warning all of the impending storm and making quite a racket.
 I got out early this morning and got my errands done before "the rains came" and boy was it hot! 
 It got so dark in the house after I got home that I had to turn the lights on.
When it started raining this little hummingbird sat outside my kitchen window under the eave to escape the deluge.
I cooked up some banana peppers I had gotten at the Farmer's Market.  I cook them in garlic and olive oil and have a pepper sandwich on the rustic bread I make.....yum!  I had some tomato soup with it for supper and I'll have fresh peaches and ice cream later for dessert.
I managed to do a few rows on my sweater when I took a break.  So far so good!
 Last evening I started on a preemie cap in the next size up.  I think it's a 2

and I started making stars for my crocheted Star blanket.  I couldn't decide on a color scheme so I finally just decided to make all different color stars.  Still not sure about the back ground colors.  I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  I would like to make 6 each night as there are 48 needed in total.  I'm trying to use up a lot of worsted acrylic I have.  The tips curl but they will straighten out when I crochet the rest of the circle and square around them.
I finished another little book about Laura Ingalls/Wilder.  I have one left to read and then I can give the last 2 of the 5 to my daughter when she comes next week.  She got her presents in the mail today and opened them while we were on the phone.  I think she really loved them all.  I'm so happy!
I hope you had a great day and Happy Trails to you all!


  1. I learned something new today because of you. Wow, banana peppers? That is a first for me. I have yet to see those at the market.

  2. Gracie is so cute with her "friends" ! I am not sure I have seen the star project..perhaps I missed it. I am watching the Hart of Dixie now..not so sure about it. I really enjoyed Cedar Cove:)

  3. It's hot here but hot by our standards, I'd imagine cool by yours :) The stars are lovely and I can't wait to see the blanket when it's finished.

  4. Lovely pics of your world especially sweet Grace. Your projects are looking super. Banana pepper sandwiches with homemade that sounds delicious! X

  5. The pepper sandwiches and soup sounds very tasty. Love your stars and can't wait to see the finished blanket.

  6. It has been hot. So glad that you got a rain storm that cooled things off.
    Busy cooking, busy reading, busy doing handicrafts.... sounds like a good day.

    I just knew that your daughter would love her gifts :)

  7. What a lovely chatty catch-up post. And here I am catching up with you after my break from knitsofacto.

    91 is hot! It was 86 here today, which is high for the UK. If this keeps up I will melt!

  8. You get so much accomplished in your days, it makes me feel like a slacker!!
    Your banana pepper recipe sounds so simple, yet good.


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