Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm taking a break..........not from blogging although it may seem like that at times, lol.

I can't keep up with myself ...I haven't even picked my Pinterest pins for this week.  Well, actually, I am certain I am ADHD.  It's probably the reason whenever I walk into a room where people know me they always say "Here comes trouble".  Oh well, anyway, I did pick out some "pins" and then I was off to try them! LOL!  I guess I won't commit to a certain number each week but rather just show you when I've done some.....or one.   So, ADHD or not, here's what I've been up to this week so far.  I do some house cleaning too which I don't blog about as I'm sure you're already familiar with that nasty task.
It's been so unseasonably cold that I decided some new and exotic coffees were in order.  Actually, I discovered a whole section on Pinterest just for coffee....was I excited or what?  But I couldn't get out to the store so I had to use what I had.  This is called Fireside coffee and it's a mix you make so you can have it on hand. 2 heaping tablespoons to a cup of hot water and you've got yourself a toasty and tasty drink.  I used decaf so I could have it in the evening.

The recipe (on my Pinterest "coffee" board) makes 2 nice containers full.

A little whipped cream on top and off to bed I went..........(I always have a can of Ready Whip on hand for moments like this...they don't call it Ready Whip for nothing!)

I made some chicken soup this week too.  A great recipe I found over on Alicia Paulson's blog
Her husband, Andy makes it and although I had to "fudge" on some of the "fresh" ingredients (only people who live in Portlandia can find fresh dill this time of year...I mean, REALLY you guys?) The soup was still delicious and yes, Alicia, I did what you said not to do...I cooked up all the pasta and threw it in the soup and I'm still loving it. LOL!  The recipe is on her blog in her February 26th post.  Andy gets Husband of the Year Award in my book.
The recipe also called for parsnips which my little grocery did not have but they had turnips so what the heck.....I threw those in instead.
I made bread to go with it...a gal has to have her carbs or no?
I found these in the drawer here (if you didn't know, I moved to my parent's home here after they passed away and it was just how they left's tough when you're an only child and your parents pass have to go through all their things all by yourself but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I am tough as nails now!)  They were my Mother's and you put them in a pot to keep things from boiling over.  My Mother was famous for buying junk gadgets from mail order catalogs back in the day but since I am always "boiling over" I thought I would give them a try.  They work!
I think the bigger the pot the more you need but 2 seemed to work with the soup just fine.  I wonder if you can still get them?  They're awesome!
I made some more amigurumi gumballs.........
would you call this a highball? LOL!
I think they're multiplying........
In response to your question, Connie, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but probably make a garland for my Christmas tree?  I wanted to try amigurumi without getting involved in a big project but they are fun and great for crocheting while watching t.v. and a super way to use up little bits of leftover yarn.
Yes, the first robin I've spotted this Spring and "don't ya know" he came back during the rain, thunder, lightening, sleet and snow storm we had last week.  He probably thought he had flown into the North.  He does look a bit bewildered.
I'm not sure if this was Pinterest or something I copied off of Facebook (I do that a lot too).  Anyway, since I've given up on candles I am looking into scenting my home with more natural and less messy alternatives.  This is a simmering potpourri with spices from the cupboard and an orange peel.  It was good............for one day and then I had to throw it out.  But it would be nice to have simmering when you have company over but I wouldn't want to make this every day.  Plus it only scents the kitchen which is usually the best smelling room in the house anyway.
There were some caramel coffee recipes on Pinterest and I tried one that used caramel pieces that come in a bag and you use in cookies.  They don't melt well so I improvised and made my decaf, topped it with some whipped cream and drizzled caramel ice cream topping over that was a winner!
Now I'm off to catch up with all of you!  Happy Trails!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tah Dah! I finished all 5 of my Pinterest Projects I chose last week..........

Can you believe it?  Moi?  Finished something on time?  Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say so here's the proof.

#1 - Wallpapered glass bookcase doors (Decorating Board) - this was a complete failure and waste of money and time so it will be replaced with fabric at a later date. At least the way I did it was a failure.  There might be a better way but I have no more money or time to waste and I know the fabric will work as I've done that before. Live and learn!  Actually, that is exactly the purpose of these stretch my creative boundaries and build up my confidence muscle(s).

 #2 - Research Scribd and Oyster as the new Netflix for books (Books Worth Reading Board) - I did and it requires an e-reader which I don't have but some of you may be interested.  It may be cheaper than buying the books.

#3 - Make your own streak-free window cleaner (Cleaning Board)- I made this and I used it with newspaper and cleaned 2 mirrors (it's too cold out for washing windows) and it worked slick!  I'd never used newspaper before either but what a money saver!  It worked better than anything else I've ever used...honestly!  I was impressed.....still am!  It has cornstarch in it for some reason so you do have to shake it up before you use it.
  #4 - Amigurumi Gumballs (Crochet board) - I've been wanting to look into and learn amigurumi and this looked like a perfect little project to do just that.  It was easy and after a few times this could be a t.v. project.  You know I'm always on the lookout for those.

 #5 - Felt Bunny (Crafts board) - This was the most fun I've had in a while and it really boosted my confidence muscle!  This was a little bunny for sale on Pinterest that my daughter pinned so I thought I could make one for her.  She doesn't know about it (in case it didn't turn out, lol) but it will be a little Spring surprise for her.  I made it in one afternoon.  I need more of these projects where I see the fruits of my labor in one day!
 It's so similar to the one on Pinterest they could be related!
I'm running behind but tune in tomorrow for this weeks projects.  Depending on the time required and the difficulty involved there might not always be 5 projects. 
A Knit and a Cake decided to join me so please stop by her blog and see what she did from her Pinterest boards and what she's got planned for this week.  Happy Trails! 
P.S.  If you'd like the instructions for any of these projects just go to my Pinterest boards that I mentioned.  They're all out there!  Just search for Sandra Licher on Pinterest.  I'll try and get a button on here eventually.

Monday, March 3, 2014


A day behind but we had quite the storms yesterday.  In my entire life I don't think I've seen all the different types of weather all in one day!  We had lightening, thunder, rain, sleet and snow...the only thing missing was our usual tornadoes. LOL!  But all is well and the sun shone brightly today and we have power and heat which many don't.
 I haven't done too much this week fiber wise.  But here it is for what it's worth.
 I finished the teeny tiny preemie hat and put scallops on it for a little girl.  The next one will be for a little boy.  I put the lip balm next to it so you could see how tiny it is.
 Still working on the Irish Hiking Scarf but the bigger and heavier it gets the more it hurts my hands and even arms.  I can work 2 rows tops before I have to put it down.  When I finish that skein in the picture I will be done.
 I did 2 of these "mug rugs" which are also going to have some embroidery on them too.
 Doilies were on my YOP list this year (weren't they?)  and this is the beginning of one.  I looked and looked and there is a book by Debbie Bliss that has the one I want but for now I will practice on this one.
 This is the "washcloth from hell" and I only have 7 or 9 more threads to weave in but I hate this cloth so much I'm not sure I can even keep it around and use it.  It looked nice when I finished it and now with all those 40-60 threads woven in on the back it looks like it has tumors..........
 How could a project so small go so bad?  Never again will I ever do any project from the Mason-Dixon gals.
 That's it for this past week....I'll be back tomorrow to show off my Pinterest pins from last week!
It was quite fun!  Happy Trails!