Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm quilting again................

I have been putting this off for so long but not any more!
The only problem is..these are 2.5" squares not the 2" required but they were already cut this way so I'll be "winging it" but what a sense of satisfaction to be behind the wheel again, utilizing what I have while at the same time planning projects for down the road.
And of course one can't forget EPP (English Paper Piecing) in all it's shapes and forms............
These are wonderful for using up scraps and for mindless, relaxing in front of the t.v.  They truly are addictive handwork. 
The hat has had another "remake" from scratch again.....reason being that the "changing color" idea from You Tube about running the yarn double for a couple of the first stitches, does not mix well with the jogless stripe method that you incorporate on the second row of the color change.  So, I'm back to a regular color change and the jogless stripe is working and all is well with the world until I make my next mistake. LOL!
Yes, Santa's Workshop is in full swing with the deadline for mailing on December 12th looming ahead.  I may just have to take the pressure off and order a few things.  My goal of making all my gifts for others is a lofty one to be sure.  But each year I get closer!  There's also 4 birthdays around the same time which certainly adds to the frenzy!
It has to remain fun and stress free or I just won't do it.  So far, so good...enjoying it all...even the "remakes".....I learn more each time.
 The plants are loving it out on the sun porch and are either blooming or getting ready to!
This is my Christmas cactus which looks like it will be blooming for's really just a Holiday cactus as it picks what Holiday it wants to bloom.  I've seen it bloom at Easter time. LOL!
Also, the bulbs of narcissus and hyacinth are popping up already...where does the time go?  The narcissus are up but the hyacinth is just starting. 

Tonight is FNWF's  (Friday night with Friends), an online get together for working on any creative project you have going and then having a "show and tell".   There are several of my blogging friends that are involved and I need to get back into it!  Check it out and join in as you know there's nothing on t.v. on Friday nights! LOL!
Happy Trails!



  1. You are probably right about nothing good on TV on Friday nights. And that is the night to rest up from the week, ha ha!

  2. I has to be fun and stress free for me, too! I don't like fussy projects that give me a headache! lol I would love to make some little table mats or mug rugs soon. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  3. Lovely to hear that you are quilting again! The blocks and the hexies all look lovely. Happy stitching and happy weekend, Sam!
    Helen xox

  4. I'm loving the notion that a holiday cactus chooses its holiday!

    Happy stitching :)

  5. Your squares are square...I am anxious to see what you do with the other gons...hexagons? Your Thanksgiving Cactus will be in full bloom will be very pretty:)

  6. Your words are so true, it needs to be stress free for me too. Love seeing your plants doing so well.

  7. I really like your quilting. It's a great goal to make for everyone for Christmas but one I've never been able to attain. I always have a mix of homemade and store bought. I need to get my boxes ready to mail by the first week in December too. The hat is looking great!

  8. The stripes look good. Your doing a great job. The fabric octagons look real neat.

  9. Haven't watched tv in a year and a half. I get enough entertainment in blog land and Instagram. And the rest of the time I have cleaning and crafting to do. Like you, I don't like to have looming deadlines. I like to create for the joy of it. Often just for the sake of doing it and nothing else. Good luck getting everyone done though. A little handmade with a little something storebought is a nice way of giving. Your quilt looks lovely and I am sure you will wing your way through as you do with everything else. I sure hate following instructions for anything.I pretty much like flying by the seat of my pants. ha! Have a great day. Tammy

  10. What a lovely post,I am so glad I have found your blog.xx


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