Sunday, September 21, 2014

YOP Week #12

Another busy week doing all sorts of cleaning and clearing out and going through things...getting ready for winter, I guess, although it's still hot here and I still have outside work to do once it cools off which is this week from what they say.  It's not bad...86 but this next week will be in the 70's and that's much better!  In fact, I prefer mid to low 60's for really working outside.
Here's my progress for this week...........
It isn't still needs the ear flaps but it's one Christmas present almost finished. Below are all my preemie hats so far and September's are on the right...all done for this month.
I work on my socks during my breaks....1 round per break so it's slow going although yesterday I knit while I watched the Iowa game.  Someday these socks will be done and then I'll be so sick of them I won't want to wear them! LOL!  Not really.
Last night I pulled out my rug to work on but it's hard on the hands so it's slow but I got a few rows done.  It's crocheted with a big size P hook.  In fact my fingers are sore this  morning as I type.  Bulky yarn and I do not get along well.  Remember the chair pad?
I'm still dilly-dallying around about the cross bookmarks.  I didn't like the dishcloth cotton yarn and the filet crochet version I was attempting so I picked this up Friday at Wal-Mart....
I have size 10 bedspread cotton but it seems so tiny.  This is size 5 and I also have DMC perle cotton in size 8 and all kinds of crochet hooks except the ones they recommend.  So today I will "fiddle" with them and see what I can come up with.  I think it would be nice to use the above as it is Christmas colors and that's probably when they will all get done.  I have to make at least 10 or 11 of them.  But I'm looking forward to it if I can get the right thread/yarn and hook.  I'll keep you posted. (These are for the "cross" bookmarks I am making for my daughter's Bible Study group).
This is Day #21 of the porch cleaning and reclaiming as it was pretty much a storage garage before.  A few more pieces of excess furniture to remove, more books to bring in.  I plan on my gardening books to be under the the potting bench and I moved the plants to this little stand next to the West facing windows where they get afternoon sun.  Once I plant the mums outside I'm hoping to have a little indoor garden out here.  There are things you can grow inside such as herbs, lettuce and I think cherry tomatoes but not sure.  Things that don't need pollination but I'm thinking tomatoes do.
Anyway...that' s the plan. 
The plants I left on this unit are plants that like indirect light not full sun and I am using it for some books although I need to get some plastic place mats to put over the metal grating or the books fall through.  I had 4 leftover tiles I used that I had but need the place mats now before I can put more books there.
 This is my indoor grill.  Originally this porch was a deck so the brick wall was the outside of the house but my dad enclosed it so now it's inside and I can grill 24/7!
This is my grilling area and that's my celery plant......
This cupboard was falling apart and I practically had to rebuild it yesterday but inside are jars of seeds I saved and on top are my plant and grilling supplies.
 Underneath the table is a plastic pail with charcoal that I refill from a large garbage can filled with charcoal in the garage.  There's also a small handled "grill" for grilling veggies and smaller items under the table.
This is a potting bench I got at Home Depot years ago in a kit that I put together.  The green bin for soil though is cracked so I'm on the lookout for another one that size.  I'm thinking of putting my gardening books underneath the bench or pots or both.  The barn board with the chickens used to hang in my kitchen 40 years ago.  I painted it and it has nails that used to hold egg baskets that I also still have! LOL!   I threw out a bunch of old pots and plastic containers and there are even a pile of books to get rid of.  It feels good and I have a nice porch.  Now I just have to do the rest of the house!  The kitchen will be next as I have cupboards and drawers to clean and clear.
What have you been up to this week?  I'll be by later to check!  Have a great Sunday.  Happy Trails!


  1. Busy busy busy! Everything is looking fabulous. I love the outdoors made indoors grill!

  2. Bulky yarn rug? You are a sucker for punishment! Give me cashmere any day!

    Cute socks. I'm a little worried you'll be susceptible to Second-Sock-Syndrome if you're getting sick of them already.

    I'm growing Heritage Cutting Leaf Lettuce in a container on my porch. The seeds are from Renees and they're brilliant. One 18" wide container gives us enough for a salad or two every couple of weeks.

  3. Why you have been busy!! Love all the hats and the socks are looking great - I know how slow going they can be.

  4. have been a busy little bee. So fiber arts, are not your only creative side. Your porch is looking fabulous and you have some very clever crafty ideas going on there.

  5. Wow, you have been super busy. Everything is looking so good.

  6. You have been busy, and it all looks great! How perfect to be able to grill all year round! :)

  7. You have been a busy bee this week, so much tidying and clearing and still time for crafting. Your brave taking on bulky yarn in a rug, I don't like bulky yarn and rarely use it so way to go you and the socks look great and you will love them when they are done.
    The blankets I'm doing are for triplet girls born just over a week ago :)

  8. You have been busy bee ..and it's so wonderful
    Sweet hugs x

  9. Wow you have been busy. I love your choice of yarns for the preemie hats. X


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