Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music....

 The porch is offcially done.....all 23 days of it and still.....
I need to move these out and find a home for them plus there's another rug to lay down but officially I am calling it done....
I have lots of room for more books (gardening) and pots for under the potting bench..........
The little black radiator is  my heater for the winter.....I have to keep my plants nice and warm....

Lots of room here............
and here...........
To celebrate I made my favorite Fall soup.........Penzey's brat, beer and cheddar
I don't have one of those fancy "boat motors" they use to puree things so I get out my antique which works just as well.  I don't like to "drink" my soup....I like it hearty so I don't do a lot of pureeing. 
I also made a Magic custard pie  which I have made for years when I want a quick dessert and this takes 2 minutes...literally.  It takes longer to pre-heat the oven! LOL!
Yum!!!!  Tomorrow I'm on to the kitchen!  What do you have planned this week?
Happy Trails!



  1. Yay I am so happy for you my dear
    It's looking so beautiful
    Huge hugs with sweet day smiles x

  2. Wow your porch looks fabulous. I'm like you...I like a hearty soup too. Xx

  3. I love your porch. Some days I wonder if mine would be nice to enclose, but we haven't yet. The pie looks delicious. I'm still preserving this week.

  4. Well done you - it looks fabulous - well worth the hard work.

  5. I've really enjoyed your 'porch' posts.

  6. Yeah! You are done with the porch! I love it and all the one of a kind furnishings you have out there! :)

  7. You go on sprucing up your home. I'm slowly getting into that.


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